Young People Still Being Screwed By Obama, Love Him Anyway

They have amassed huge college loan debts to pay for degrees made useless by his policies; but young voters love the lies Barack Obama tells, so they will continue to support him. They can’t move out of their parents’ basements or marry and eventually start a traditional family because Obama has crippled their efforts to live independent lives; but they still love Obama’s lies.

Telling themselves his policies will work is the only thing short of illegal drugs that eases their pain. The thought of ever affording a home of their own doesn’t even enter their dreams because of Obama’s polices, but he’s their man. Being able to arrogantly sneer at their parents and older generations because THEY were the ones who finally gave a black man the keys to the White House is a drug to them.

Now, new data about the economic weakness of America’s young people tells us they cannot come near being able to buy a new car. One of the most recognizable signs of having successfully begun the right of passage to an independent adulthood has slipped far away from the smug young people who saddled America with the worst president in our history.

During the same period that brought record numbers of Americans the misery of being unable to find a job, the sticker price of new cars climbed by $1,536.

Not surprisingly Washington D.C., where King Barack and his Court are situated, is the only metropolitan area where the average household budget is large enough to support the purchase of a new car.

An observation from an online writer specializing in financial matters puts the plight of America’s young, would-be car buyers this way: “The consumer gets to the end of the month and discovers they have no money left in their checking account. They’ve spent every cent they have and wonder how on earth they’re supposed to save for their retirement or their kids’ education.”

America’s young people are being dragged around by their noses because of their stubborn refusal to acknowledge their mistakes of trusting in Barack Obama and his party. They have not bothered to learn the truth about who will promote their freedom and who will make them slaves. In November, they’ll have a chance to begin voting themselves out of their misery. Will they take it; or will they continue to wallow in their own foolishness?

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2 comments to Young People Still Being Screwed By Obama, Love Him Anyway

  • Joe G

    These same young people don’t seem to have a problem with communism either. This 66 year old was taught about the defects in communism at a young age. The kids of today are being brainwashed into embracing that style of government. The people that teach that BS are known as “progressives”.
    Common sense has been replaced by political correctness. I’m just thankful I’m 66 and not 2 as a 2year old will never experience the freedom I once enjoyed.

  • wildbill446

    Another part of this is the “Dumbing Down” of todays youth which started about the time King Obama came to power. The Constitution says the states are to regulate education, why did Obama create the “Dept. of Education”? has anyone seen what their children are being taught? Jesse Watters from the O’Reilly & Hannity shows went around asking College students to name one Senator they couldn’t. He also asked How many Senators are there, they didn’t know.