Survey Shatters ObamaCare Talking Points

As the sign-up period ended, the White House declared an ObamaCare victory by concluding the threshold of 7 million enrollees had been met. Furthermore, the administration claims 3 million uninsured individuals are now covered under the government program. Considering the widespread unpopularity of the law and extreme difficulty surrounding enrollment, many Americans questioned the validity of that claim. According to the findings of a recent Gallup survey, such skepticism might end up being warranted.

The study concluded that the number of uninsured Americans has indeed dropped since the implementation of ObamaCare; however, the rate of actual sign-ups appears to bear little resemblance to administration claims.

Results point to a few specific reasons for the disparity, including the fact that Obama and his minions are including the many Americans who were forced to switch to ObamaCare after their preferred plans were cancelled due to the law’s strict mandates. In total, nearly 5 million policies were deemed substandard because they offered coverage that the consumer wanted – not what the government demanded.

Additionally, those who have yet to pay their premium – meaning they are technically not insured – were also counted in the official number of enrollees.

While ObamaCare proponents forecast huge gains in the number of insured Americans, Gallup’s study indicates the number of individuals with coverage is currently about the same as during the Bush administration. That means Obama’s predecessor saw the same results without uprooting the most successful private healthcare system in the world.

Perhaps most damaging, however, is the dearth of young enrollees in the system. Despite a blatant attempt to appeal to young adults through partnerships with popular programs and targeted advertising campaigns, ObamaCare apparently failed to connect with millennials.

This is a problem, of course, because the administration counted on premiums paid by an overall healthier generation to offset the expenses of older Americans. Even under the best circumstances, countless critics deemed the government healthcare system unsustainable. Without the influx of revenue by younger enrollees, however, ObamaCare is shaping up to be one of the biggest and most disastrous boondoggles in American history.

–B. Christopher Agee

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1 comment to Survey Shatters ObamaCare Talking Points

  • Carolyne

    We are a country of 320 million people. How could seven million, if it were true which it isn’t, possibly make a dent in the number of insured. Also, the Obama administration declines to say how many of these seven million were people who lost their insurance due to Obama demands such as a young man having to pay for obstetrical care? How many of these seven million have actually paid the first premium? Obama claims not to know. I’d say there is a net loss of insureds after the seven million is countre. Obama is fooling no one, except perhaps himself, because he wants to believe the impossible.