Watch Jeb Bush Describe Illegal Immigration As An “Act Of Love”

At an event marking the 25th anniversary of the presidency of George H.W. Bush, former Florida governor Jeb Bush on Sunday said that most illegal immigrants come to America not to steal jobs from Americans and get freebies from the taxpayers, but as “an act of love” for their families.

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2 comments to Watch Jeb Bush Describe Illegal Immigration As An “Act Of Love”

  • wildbill446

    This clown just shot himself in the foot. A lot of “Real” Americans don’t see it that way. Noticed he didn’t mention the one that commit crimes of Rape (any female is a target), Beating and robbing (they get a few beers or drinks and want to fight and stab), Breaking and entering (and it not just food they’re looking for), Stealing cars (not because they want one). One thing about them they do not understand the meaning of “orderliness” and “get in line”. They think that’s for the others , not them.

  • Jerry

    I am so tired of the Bush’s and their RHINO positions, I could barf. An Act of Love? These people are coming for the job, get the money and sending it back to Mexico. I am not “feeling the love” here for our country. If I hear that this Bush is running for anything I will help contribute to the other candidate.