This Is How Kids Are Fighting Back Again Michelle’s Lunch Decrees

Michelle Obama has dedicated much of her influence to forcing kids to eat a government-approved diet – at least while in school. She has led the push to enact strict nutritional guidelines in cafeterias across the nation which, in the eyes of millions of students, has resulted in utterly uneatable lunches.

In recent days, the backlash against these meals has reached a fever pitch as students respond in the only way they think might attract the administration’s attention: Twitter.

The White House uses social media extensively to push its agenda, whether by hyping ObamaCare, income redistribution, or the first lady’s nutrition mandates. Sites like Twitter, however, are not partial to those in power, allowing any user to express his or her view on a particular subject.

Among America’s public school students, the sentiment seems clear – the new Obama-approved lunches are terrible. Students have complained about school food for generations; however, countless kids believe both the quality and quantity of school lunches have suffered greatly under this administration.

Twitter users are increasingly commenting directly to Michelle Obama, blaming her personally for the insufficient and unappetizing meals being served each day by cafeteria staff.

Often, students include a snapshot of their trays in an effort to adequately portray the meager meals before them.

While many tweets written by irate students include profane criticism of the lunchroom mandates, the following entries offer some insight into their concerns.


Understandably, parents are increasingly joining in the outrage over the paltry servings. Specifically, those who accompany their children to lunch are noticing a disturbing shift away from balanced meals and toward meager helpings and empty tray compartments.


Social media is the great equalizer in America’s ongoing conversation on any topic. Though the administration is quick to describe Michelle Obama’s activism as a win for children, those being targeted by her mandates are able to speak out as never before on their own behalf.

B. Christopher Agee

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  • wildbill446

    I used to hate “C” Rations (Combat Rations) when in service. But they seem to be something better than what I see these kids get. I wonder if she is trying to condition them for military service?