NY State Troopers: The New TOY Police?

At the recent “Stand For Your Rights” rally held in Albany, New York on April 1st, an ironic incident happened. A protester’s rights were trampled upon by the New York State Police. A gentleman dressed in Colonial apparel, with a puppet resembling fascist Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was approached by members of the state police. The reason, you ask? So they could confiscate his TOY so-called “assault” weapon and a wooden cutout of the same weapon. The Troopers’ reasoning was that there were signs placed in the rally venue PROHIBITING such things. Here is a picture of the posted sign.

The amazing thing about this is that there were no such regulations posted in the application for the venue, and the signs were placed up at least 30 minutes AFTER the rally had begun. Although the rally attracted appearances by Donald Trump, former Governor candidate Carl Pallidino, and current gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, a direct violation of a citizen’s Constitutional rights should be the news of the day….but it wasn’t. Here is a video of the actual “confiscation”:

After the incident with the Troopers took place, George Curbello, the state director for the New York Revolution and a local Oath keeper, asked the Trooper involved for an explanation of his actions. Here is the result.

In summary, the actions of the very people, namely the NY State Police, who have sworn an OATH and pride themselves by having INTEGRITY, have seemed to have traded that all in in order to abide by the Fascist Governor’s agenda. The protester’s Constitutional right to free speech, free assembly, and un-lawful search and seizure were clearly violated. At last report, the protester has engaged an attorney and will initiate a lawsuit against the state. His fellow protesters are also sending FOIL requests to the New York State Police for any documentation pertaining to TOY guns as well as other pertinent information.

In the current state of affairs in New York, where we now have a Fascist Governor and a Communist NYC mayor, one thing must always be remembered. ” When the people fear the government, there is tyranny, when the government fears the people, there is Liberty”.

Which of these do you want?

As always fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.


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