Here Is Howard Stern’s Politically Incorrect Pick To Replace Letterman

Longtime late-night host – and dedicated leftist – David Letterman recently announced his impending retirement. In a redesigned landscape dominated by a younger, fresher format, Letterman has struggled to remain relevant.

Since losing his foil, NBC’s Jay Leno, Letterman has consistently trailed Tonight Show’s new host, Jimmy Fallon, in the ratings.

Another veteran broadcaster, who years ago dubbed himself the “king of all media,” thinks he knows who should succeed Letterman at the helm of CBS’s The Late Show.

Twitter users anxiously posted references to Howard Stern’s recent comments that he feels Greg Gutfeld, the conservative comedian and Fox News host, would make an excellent replacement. Supporters – and even a few detractors – of the popular co-host of ‘The Five’ shared their opinion of the endorsement.


Gutfeld, whose recent book “Not Cool” is quickly becoming a national bestseller, is obviously a hot commodity in the entertainment realm. His mixture of politics and humor has earned him scores of loyal fans along with plenty of scorn from those of a leftist persuasion.

Stern, not afraid to upset listeners of any political affiliation, is an enthusiastic Gutfeld supporter. The shock jock, who declared he isn’t quite sure where he falls on the political spectrum, nevertheless cited Gutfeld’s current Fox News program as his favorite television show.

More recently, he weighed in by saying that there are “a lot of guys who could take over” Letterman’s post. Stern himself has been suggested as a replacement, though he concluded Gutfeld would do a great job in a time slot generally dominated by leftist entertainers.

The overwhelming support of Leno in the months prior to his retirement, during which his monologue was filled with anti-Obama jokes, might suggest Stern is on to something. In fact, Leno’s replacement has engaged in some lighthearted, albeit pointed, criticism of the current administration as well. So far, the reception has been largely positive.

As of this writing, Gutfeld’s Twitter account did not include the host’s take on Stern’s endorsement. Plenty of other users have expressed an agreement with the latter’s assessment, though.

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