World Vision Reversal On Hiring Gays Causes Google Executive To Resign

World Vision’s recent decision to allow the hiring of people in gay marriages caused a proper backlash among many believing Christians. Some prominent evangelical leaders spoke up about the wrong decision, and thousands of donors cancelled their sponsorships of children rather than be party to an organization that hires people living in flagrant disobedience to God’s Word. World Vision wisely reversed course and affirmed a belief that its employees should be in either a  traditional marriage between one man and one woman, or living the life of an abstinent single.

However, World Vision’s decision to reverse course also caused its share of critics, as the power of the homosexual movement in modern America has made such strong pro-Biblical stands on marriage disliked by many Americans. The director of corporate giving for the powerful Internet giant  Google , Jacqueline Fuller, resigned her position from the World Vision board. Google is well known for its “progressive” stance on a variety of issues, including homosexual marriage. Google’s  influence has allowed it to function as a mouthpiece for secular values, and its treasure chest no doubt carries some influence on charitable organizations and politicians.

Perhaps most disgusting is not the behemoth Google’s avid support for homosexuality, but Christian organizations like “Faithful America” who actively distort the gospel by labeling World Vision’s decision to re-affirm the importance of traditional marriage as “anti-gay hate.” World Vision’s decision is not one in favor of hating gays, and any attempt to label it so is a gross attempt at maligning the organization. In fact, World Vision has consistently shown its commitment to honor Christ’s call to “Love your neighbor as yourself” and includes as one of its core values that one should love “all people without discriminations or conditions.” That is, one should love people whether they are straight or gay,  dirt poor and unemployed or a benevolent multimillionaire, an upstanding Christian or an atheist.  Such a “WWJD”( “What would Jesus do?”) attitude is all too uncommon  and should be lauded whenever found.

Anti- Biblical marriage organization Faithful America also calls for organizations who “don’t discriminate” instead of charities like World Vision that legitimately choose from among different job candidates based on their moral and spiritual qualities. World Vision should be able to turn down people engaged in immoral lifestyles, whether that lifestyle is one of homosexual behavior, drug or alcohol abuse, chronic dishonesty ( such as blatant lying on resumes), or something like that. Discriminating between moral and immoral behavior when choosing job candidates is essential to running a business, charity, or other organization well; and anyone who tells you differently is, quite frankly, deluded.

World Vision has re-affirmed a traditional Christian view of marriage and should be praised for this view rather than derided and slandered. It is an encouraging sign that World Vision has heeded Scripture, its many pious donors, and courageous evangelical leaders rather than seeking the easy, mainstream society conformist path articulated by Google and “Faithful America.” Even if the choice does cause them some grief , they can be confident that they have done the right thing. The Narrow Way of Christ is not the easy path; but it is the most fulfilling, and, ultimately, the most rewarding.

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