Horrifying Report: U.S. Government Gasses 81 Citizens

The Environmental Protection Agency has a long history of going overboard, whether through absurd levels of regulation or outlandish claims of man-caused climate destruction. What researchers within the agency did to dozens of Americans in recent years, however, strikes many as unconscionable even by its own low standard.

According to reports, five EPA scientists solicited at least 81 test subjects into whom they pumped a mixture of gasses and pollutants their own agency deems not only dangerous but deadly.

Over half of the subjects had a pipe shoved directly into their mouths as a level of diesel fumes 135 times greater than an average truck’s emission was pumped directly into their bodies. Across the board, individuals were subjected to an array of pollutants in concentrations not necessarily found in the environment.

The studies took place between 2010 and 2011 and, according to reports, those studied were required to sign a consent form. Unfortunately for them, however, the paperwork apparently omitted some critical information. For instance, exposure to the chemicals being forced into the individuals has been shown to kill individuals of a certain age who suffer from heart problems.

One human guinea pig, a 58-year-old woman with hypertension and a number of other issues – including a family history of heart disease – would have likely appreciated such a warning. Instead, she experienced atrial fibrillation during the experiment and required a stint in the hospital.

Lisa Jackson, who ran the EPA during the time of these experiments, left no room for speculation when spreading the supposed consequences of exposure to such chemicals.

“Particulate matter causes premature death,” she said during House Energy and Commerce Committee testimony. “It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should.”

Nevertheless, she oversaw an agency that literally pumped the same pollutants into test subjects, allegedly without informing them of the ostensible risks.

In the end, however, it seems this was once again a case of rabid fear-mongering on the part of EPA officials. Thankfully, none of the test subjects, despite being exposed to huge amounts of various emissions, died as a result of the experiment.

The woman with preexisting conditions was released from the hospital, presumably with no long-lasting side effects.

If taken at her word, however, Jackson believed these 81 Americans were headed into death chambers as participants in this study – and she sent them in anyway.

Photo Credit: Hindustanilanguage (Creative Commons)

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