Bronze Star Recipient Ravnsborg Looks for Upset In SD Primary

“I brought my troops home alive!” Jason Ravnsborg confidently told me was his proudest achievement as a military officer, as we spoke on the phone recently.  The Army Reserve officer and South Dakota attorney is attempting to win the U.S. Senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Tim Johnson.  Most observers have opined that former Governor Mike Rounds has the primary race wrapped up and is favored to win the general election in November.  However, with questions now being raised about EB-5 investments gone awry on Rounds’ watch, this race has all of sudden gotten much more exciting.

The thirty-seven year old Ravnsborg has been deployed overseas three times in his Army Reserve career, including twice to combat zones in the Middle East.  His organization skills and efficiency as a commander earned him the Bronze Star for meritorious service and recognition on the floor of the U.S. Congress by Senators Lindsey Graham and Ben Nelson.  “With all of my experience negotiating with NATO voting members, I feel I’ll be able to work well with both sides of the aisle in Congress,” said Ravnsborg.

South Dakota has been in the “red” column for some time now and is considered a safe Republican pickup on their path to Senate control in the 2014 election cycle.  However, Ravnsborg looks to do more than just help Republicans gain control.  He wants to employ his combat experience to solve problems.  After being deployed with no equipment and having to build a transportation unit from nothing, Ravnsborg feels he knows how to make the Pentagon more efficient.  “I have personally seen a number of ways we can run our military more efficiently. We no longer have a situation where we have endless dollars to spend on defense, but we can use our resources more wisely and still provide for a strong defense.”

He believes this expertise and experience can be brought to bear on our country’s budget and spending as well.  “We must balance the national budget. We all have to balance our own checkbooks and pay our own bills, why should the Government that represents the people not do the same?”

Energy is another hot topic for this candidate.  To Ravnsborg, an “all of the above” strategy makes sense.  “Again and for the record; I am a proponent of solar, wind, nuclear, ethanol and bio fuels for energy sources. With that said, we must have enough of these other forms of energy, prior to shutting down our current sources of energy.”

The South Dakota Republican primary takes place on June 3rd, and Ravnsborg entered late into a crowded field.  To any ordinary person, this seems to be too little time to make a difference in the race.  However, it’s certainly true that Ravnsborg has faced high pressure, “failure isn’t  an option” situations before.  The South Dakota Republican primary could just be getting started.  Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

Photo credit: Facebook/ Jason Ravnsborg

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