GOP Leader: Yup, My Party’s Full Of Racists!

The Republican Establishment’s (GOPe) deliberate war against its natural base raises the question of why the GOPe is so bent on self-immolation. Everyone concerned knows a GOPe incited civil war is coming in the Republican Party. It’s now a sad foregone conclusion.

Recently, we saw the GOPe’s Fort Sumter moment in a barely coherent stream of consciousness attack on conservatives from Shaun Kenney, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Virginia Republican Party.

Apparently interested in sucking up to the GOPe, Kenney, a 35 year old pup, has posted, “Conservatives have a moral duty to drive out nativism once and for all.” By employing the language of the Left, Kenney might as well have referred to conservatives as “Tea baggers,” which was probably his intention.

His demonization of those who would protect our borders and fight against amnesty as “nativists” is a direct attack that TEA party movement patriots in Virginia and elsewhere will not ignore.

Fighting against the tide of American public opinion, Kenney reverts to tired old lies about illegal aliens such as, “There are 12 million people in the United States today who want a better lives for themselves and their families, whose only crime was that they came to America to do it.”

He says nothing about the 92 million actual American citizens who want to work but can’t.  He ducks any responsibility the cowardice of his party has in the misery of these actual Americans.

This quisling Kenney also says, ‘”The nativists have a very simple solution: apprehend all 12 million of them, boxcar them back to their point of origin, and drive them out as so many locusts,” to which any American patriot would respond, “And your point is?”

The bio on Mr. Kenney is supposed to impress somebody: he’s a practicing Catholic blogger who has been a guest on various television shows. I’m not impressed. I think he’s a danger to our republic and certainly someone who should never be the face of a Republican state organization.

Kenney apparently isn’t smart enough to make the connection between the election of Virginia’s new Democrat governor and his masters’ attacks on the “nativist” conservatives of the TEA party movement.

Here’s some free advice for Mr. Kenney: Before your next smug pontification, go to a library and learn something about what has made America great and how elections are won.

You have done your best to spark a civil war.

We are ready for it; are you?

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2 comments to GOP Leader: Yup, My Party’s Full Of Racists!

  • wildbill446

    These are people that are more interested in listening and doing the “Liberal” agenda. these are the classic “RinO’s”. It seems to me they don’t understand what a “Conservative ” is and stands for. Remember if the new candidates don’t have a “Tea Party” endorsement don’t vote for them.

  • Carolyne

    It’s gotten to the point that one can’t tell the Democrats from the Republicans. If the Republicans don’t wake up and understand where their grassroots are, they are doomed to never win another election.