Unbelievable: Obama Decries ‘Bogus’ Voter Fraud Complaints

Over the past several years, voter fraud has been a central element of Democrat victories in many close elections. Dead voters, addled nursing home voters, non-existent voters, illegal alien voters, intimidated voters, multiple voters, and ineligible felon voters have carried the day for many Democrats. Recent studies from True the Vote and other sources have established what honest observers have known for years: Democrats don’t care about anything but who counts the votes and how the count is done.

Predictably, Barack Obama and his Democrats laugh at Republican charges of voter fraud and insist that convictions of such charges are based on “racism, not actual evidence.” Recently, a paid liar from MSBNC compared the likelihood of witnessing voter fraud to being beamed up into a UFO. This is a common Marxist trick. They never argue the facts because they can’t. Instead, they belittle their opponents and, by extension, anyone who believes them. A recent survey commissioned by Judicial Watch proves this is not working.

The survey found that more than 3 of 4 adults see voter fraud as a problem in our elections.  Of these, 36% believe voter fraud is a major problem, and 39% see it as only a minor problem. The important metric regarding attitudes toward voter fraud is that at least 70% of men and women, blacks, and Hispanics and members of every age group from 18 to over 65 think voter fraud is a problem to some degree.

The response from Obama is typically juvenile. He dismissed Republican complaints of voter fraud as a cynical effort to keep Americans from voting.

“So let’s be clear, the real voter fraud is the people who try to deny our rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud,” Obama said.

Given Obama’s continually falling poll numbers and the certainty that voter fraud can be a winning issue, only the Republican establishment’s refusal to see the truth can save the Democrats this fall.

Republican establishment: are you listening? Lies make conservatives angry; the truth makes liberals angry. Which side are you on, GOPe?

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  • wildbill446

    Yeah, just like a lot of us call the president “Bogus too”, he’s a “Phony president”