You’ve Got To See What The Bundy Family Just Said About Harry Reid

Three members of the Bundy family gave an interview to Sean Hannity. One of the questions Hannity asked them was how they felt about Harry Reid saying this saga was not over. Watch their response:

If you stand with the Bundys Like this Page:

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3 comments to You’ve Got To See What The Bundy Family Just Said About Harry Reid

  • Joe G

    I hope the media will investigate the entire story tat lead to BLM’s actions and tell the public what has been going on with the other local ranchers that were run out of business. I saw a special on FOX about the Hoge family ranch being railroaded by the BLM. They have been awarded monetary damages for BLM behavior, but not a peep out of the media. No.20 in the list of 45 declared goals for a communist take-over of America, as stated in the Congressional Record, Jan.10,1963 starts off with “Infiltrate the press”. That illustrates why we’re not hearing the “straight scoop” when, or if, a news article is presented to the American public. Slowly but surely those 45 goals are being met. I don’t really want to live in a Communist state, and don’t think the majority of Americans do either.

  • wildbill446

    I agree with you Joe. If anyone ever which I doubt, they would find that Obama was raised by his grand parents and they were both (card carrying) members of the Communist Party in Hawaii. Where do you think Obama got his “indoctrination?” A lot of people have been hoodwinked by the Communist and are more interested in the “reality” shows than the news or seeing what is going on around them. If “dancing with the Stars” doesn’t mention any of this then they have no clue. I call it “Dumbed down”. That is also happening in our schools today.

  • Carolyne

    I am happy to see that many of us are fed up with the dictatorial actions of the federal government and Hussein Obama. I think it’s too late, though. It seems that every agency of the government, including the Social Security Administration, has it’s own militia. When Obama was campaigning for President the first time, he said he would establish a domestic army, as well equipped and trained as the traditional military. He didn’t say what their role would be. Now we know. Obama has gotten rid of many of the top military officers and replaced them with his own partisans. With all of these various militia and the military against us, who will be for us? I believe that with the connivance of the Democrats in the Senate, he will declare Martial Law prior to the midterm elections and the elections will be cancelled. The country as we know it will no longer exist.