Bundy Ranch Saga Helps Expose Communist Chinese Land Grab

The Bundy Ranch standoff shined a light on Harry Reid’s close relationship with Chinese billionaire Wang Yusuo, head of ENN Energy–the Chinese energy giant that wants to build a massive $5 billion solar energy farm near the Bundy Ranch.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg of a communist Chinese land-buying frenzy.

In October 2009, Chinese energy giant China Offshore Oil Corporation bought a staggering 600,000 acres of Texas oil and gas fields. China Offshore Oil Corporation, joined by another Chinese energy giant, Sinopac Corporation, then went on to buy over a million acres of U.S. land—spanning seven states—most of it—for pennies on the dollar.

The Bundy Ranch land grab is just one small piece of a giant communist Chinese puzzle, no doubt with Barack Obama and Harry Reid putting the pieces together…

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3 comments to Bundy Ranch Saga Helps Expose Communist Chinese Land Grab

  • wildbill446

    Goes to show you , who are the “true” patriots of this Country. The “worm dingy” Harry is no Patriot, he’s more concerned about his wallet. Just as others have sold out our Country. Just because it’s one U.S. soil doesn’t mean it can’t be moved. You sell everything then you don’t own it anymore.

  • Carolyne

    Was the land sold to the Chinese, US Government land? If so, why was it sold to them pennies on the dollar and not sold to Amerian ranchers? Did Harry Reid or his son, Rory, broker the deal? Did either one of them receive a commission? Is Reid a trator? Has he received campaign funds from the Chinese? If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, Harry Reid should be recalled and tried for treason.

    • Guest

      Carolyne, sweetie, consider the source. Kris Zane has accused Obama of impeachable crimes countless times here and not a single accusation has ever been proven or even acted upon by the GOP. Not one. I wonder why.