Saturday’s Victory Reveals Stunning Failure On Obama’s Part…

For the past few years, we have watched Barack Obama try to put guns in the hands of government officials who would willingly turn them on other Americans. Many of us worried that he had succeeded. On Saturday, we learned that so far he has failed in this effort.

On Saturday, freedom won a great victory over the oppressive machine the American government has become. Standing shoulder to shoulder, a determined band of American patriots turned on the heavily armed thugs of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and shouted “No!”

When the noise subsided and the dust settled, the BLM were beaten by a rancher named BUNDY at a place called BUNKERville – oh the horror this will cause at Barack Obama’s next fundraiser!

The reasons Cliven Bundy and his family won this confrontation are clear to those who care about discovering them, and they make for a big difference from the way things have gone in the past.

During Waco and Ruby Ridge, we had only the lies the mainstream media condescended to report. They worked with the Clinton Democrats to gloss over the fact that innocent men, women, and children were slaughtered by Janet Reno because she decided to do so.

At Ruby Ridge, the FBI had the guns; and they were shooting at women and children with sniper rifles. Nobody had the ability to fight back.

Bunkerville was very different. The government’s targets were not unarmed children, but men with guns they know how to use.

The “news” from Bunkerville that was reported by the government’s media puppets was false, old, and stale by the time it was posted. Cellphone cameras captured the truth, and that truth forced the thugs to back off.

Then came the news that grubby Harry Reid and his lowlife son were behind this attack on Cliven Bundy and that heavily armed BLM mercenaries had no interest whatever in preserving habitat for the desert tortoise. Not surprisingly, Reid wanted to steal Bundy’s land in order to hand it off to a Chinese company for yet another fake “green energy” scam from which Reid would no doubt profit handsomely.

All of these factors could still have been overcome by the evil people running our government. They could have murdered ranchers, cowboys, and the other Americans who volunteered to prevent Washington D.C.’s theft of the last privately owned range land in Nevada. Afterwards, it would have been easy to send in “cleaners” to spray perfume on the whole thing, except for one factor.

I believe this time, somewhere in the BLM’s chain of command, an as-yet-unknown person whose identity may never be revealed refused to murder fellow Americans on orders from Washington. Someone already sickened by the corruption of his bosses and certainly unwilling to die for them said, “Enough, we’re leaving! Harry Reid and Barack Obama can do their own killing, I’m out of here!”

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2 comments to Saturday’s Victory Reveals Stunning Failure On Obama’s Part…

  • Carolyne

    When Barack Hussein Obama was campaigning for the Presidency the first time, he said he was going to establish a “Domestic army” as well trained and equipped as the military. I believe he has succeeded by forming militias in every government agency, even the Social Security Administration. (Who are they going to shoot, old people?) He has stripped the military of it’s officers and replaced them with Obama lackeys. While I would like to believe that someone in the BLM militia refused to fire on fellow Americans, I see no evidence of that. I believe the BLM backed down because there was too much publicity to carry out Obama’s and Harry Reid’s plans to hand the land over to the Chinese communists. I believe they will be back when they think no one is looking and will probably kill Mr. Bundy and his family as they killed that family on Ruby Ridge and as they killed those women and children at Waco. I hope I’m wrong. Mr. Bundy and the people who stood with him on Saturday are the true American heroes.

  • Helen Tritt