Bombshell Report Links Hillary Clinton To Missing State Department Billions…

According to an Inspector General’s report, a staggering $6 billion dollars in State Department funds is missing—“misplaced,” in the words of Hillary Clinton. In one case, Hillary Clinton wrote a $50 million check for “services performed.” The paperwork for what exactly the “services performed” were has also been “misplaced.” Just for the Iraq Embassy in Bagdad, a staggering $2 billion is missing!  Obama’s response to Hillary Clinton “misplacing” $6 billion dollars?

“What difference does it make!”

But Hillary Clinton has bigger problems than a few billion dollars missing: It has now come out that her 2008 presidential campaign was illegally funded by businessman Jeffrey Thompson, with Clinton crony and former DNC chief Minyon Moore pulling the strings.

But there’s more: court documents show that Thompson illegally funded dozens of campaigns—and guess who he supported in 2012? You guessed it: Barack Hussein Obama.

America, Barack Hussein Obama more than likely received dirty money from Thompson and therefore stole the election. Will our Attorney General, the illustrious Eric Holder, investigate Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s shadow campaigns?

Yeah, when hell freezes over…

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3 comments to Bombshell Report Links Hillary Clinton To Missing State Department Billions…

  • Guest

    Golly Krissypoo, you sound like you’re giving up. You keep delivering these bombshell revelations and nobody lifts a finger to impeach Obama or to arrest Hillary or anything else you insist should happen. Looks like no one gives a steaming dump about what you say. But Krissy–keep fighting, dude! Keep making those hilarious videos! Keep demanding action! Infowarrrrriorrrrzzzzzzz!

  • Elaine

    How in hell does this happen!!! Someone knew…..and either gave her a “Get of out Jail Free card”? OR allowed it! To them? A few Billions missing?

  • ItsJo

    DemoThugs are All theives, and in particular the “Power/Money Monger Clintons”..who have Always had their hands out for CASH, from ANYONE. They
    were experts at ‘foreign money, and their library is where Most of the donations get laundered through. Recently they claimed NOT to have papers on where millions in donations went to. No surprise that billions are lost through Hillary’s State Dept. days…she’s Always Losing things, like when in the W.House, the receipts, travel records, etc. etc. etc.
    What is it about “DemoThugs like Reid with his shady land deals, now his land grab to sell solar through his 4 lobbyist sons to the Chinese…then
    there’s Obama, “Stashing ALL the Cash he and Michelle can, through various places, and saying it was used on the People…Yeah Right.”