Wisconsin GOP Votes To Uphold Right To Secede

A growing number of advocates – in a growing number of states – have concluded in recent years that secession from the U.S. in in their best interest. Patriots upset with the ongoing federal assault on liberty are pushing for the radical solution to a problem that doesn’t appear to be subsiding.

Reports indicate the Wisconsin GOP’s Resolutions Committee voted earlier this month to accept a proposal upholding the state’s right, “under extreme circumstances, to secede.”

That resolution is apparently gaining traction among many of the state’s disillusioned residents, many of whom are expected to weigh in on the matter during the state Republican Party convention next month.

Set to take place in Milwaukee between May 2 and 4, Republican delegates will decide whether to give the proposal a final OK.

Obviously, the idea is a tough sell for many of the party’s entrenched leaders – including Gov. Scott Walker.

In an attempt to disavow the resolution, he said: “I don’t think that one aligns with where most Republican officials are in the state of Wisconsin – certainly not with me.”

Plenty of other Wisconsinites, however, believe that desperate times call for desperate – and decisive – action.

Former committee member Danny Krueger explained that the symbolic measure only reflects the growing frustration among those who are tired of “big government” and federal intrusion. In fact, he said, the idea of secession actually follows in the tradition of America’s founders, who bravely fought to separate from an increasingly tyrannical British rule.

“If that’s crazy talk,” he said, “I would be happy to carry that as a badge of honor.”

Talks of secession in Wisconsin – and several other states – is seen by some as a direct indictment of this administration’s promise to “fundamentally transform” the nation. Although a campaigning Obama asserted America has several more states than our flag would suggest, his unconstitutional policies might be responsible for the U.S. losing states.

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