Live From Bundy Ranch: Assemblywoman Destroys MSNBC Host On The Air

Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who has been on the front lines at the Bundy Ranch for the past week, appeared on MSNBC to debate Chris Hayes regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s use of excessive force in attempting to collect past-due grazing fees.

While Hayes tried desperately to blame the Bundy family for bringing the armed standoff on itself, Fiore expertly guided the conversation back to an issue about which most freedom-loving Americans can agree.

“Generally, when our federal government comes in armed, we expect a bigger problem” than an outstanding debt, she explained. She didn’t deny the Bundys owe grazing fees; however, she did excoriate the federal government for using threats of violence in its collection efforts. Additionally, she explained that the amount allegedly owed has fluctuated greatly over the course of the standoff.

“What is the bill?” she asked. “No one has seen it. The media is going crazy.”

When Hayes asked his guest if she recognized the federal government’s authority in the situation, she said she recognized that it had “overstepped and overreached in our state of Nevada” and that the “BLM had zero stewardship in herding cattle [and] slaughtering cattle.”

As a result of the overzealous pursuit of the Bundy family, she said she is going to “request either the resignation or termination of the person that had ordered this to be done.”

Unsatisfied, Hayes asked the same question again.

“I recognize the authority that they believe they have,” she acknowledged. “I just question it.”

The host continued driving home the point that Cliven Bundy owed the BLM money. Fiore, however, remained resolute, explaining that has nothing to do with why she and millions of other Americans are outraged.

“When in the heck do we send our federal government with arms to collect a bill?” she asked.

Later in the interview, she made her argument personal for the “All In” host.

“If you owe the federal government, Chris, do you want them coming to your house, pointing guns at your wife and children?” she asked. “Is that OK with you?”

Finally, she pointed out the callousness of BLM officials who gunned down cattle during the standoff. Hayes seemed unconcerned with the prospect of killing livestock; however, Fiore was once again able to get the last word.

“What’s going to happen to the cows later on?” Hayes asked.

Fiore responded: “Are you saying it’s OK to cruelly slaughter them because they’re raised for beef?” she asked. “I hope you retract those words because that’s pretty sad, Chris.”

Once again, the smug façade of a partisan MSNBC personality is eradicated upon being confronted with the unadulterated truth.

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  • Barbara Taylor

    Oh what a surprise! Wouldn’t it just be like MSNBC switch the whole darned thing from overreaching federal authority on grazing rights to ILLEGAL ALIENS that Hayes’ people SO WANT to vote illegally in the mid-terms! BTW, I’m also confused, because once it was because of endangered tortuses, but now it’s about HARRY REID’S right to seize the land and make big money off the sale of the grazing land to a Chinese solar power firm!