You Won’t Believe How Big Obama’s Earth Day ‘Carbon Footprint’ Is

It is not a new phenomenon for leftist activists to expect others to follow their rhetoric but not their example. Such hypocrisy, however, has only become more prominent as it relates to the hysteria over man-caused global warming.

Al Gore, who became a pioneer in promulgating climate hysteria by spreading unfounded accusations and speculation on the issue, is also one of the least personally credible sources. For instance, he resided in a sprawling estate, using far more energy than the average American could ever dream of, while producing the propagandistic film “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Years later, he sold his struggling cable network to Al Jazeera, despite the fact that the news organization is funded by oil barons in the Middle East.

Gore, however, is far from the only hypocrite capable of demonizing the meager carbon emissions of ordinary citizens while jetting around the world and, according to the left’s logic, ushering in a climatological holocaust.

As America celebrated Earth Day Tuesday, Barack Obama marked the occasion by emitting about 15 times more carbon – in one trip – than the average American releases in an entire year.

According to reports, he began the day with a cross-country flight from the nation’s capital to Washington State. That trip sent out an estimated 568,032 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere. Ordinary citizens, on the other hand, are responsible for creating about 38,000 pounds of carbon each year.

That trip, however, was just the beginning of Obama’s pollution-heavy schedule. He was also set to begin an international trip to Asia, which would create nearly 1.2 million additional pounds of carbon emissions. In total, the two trips are expected to create nearly 890 tons of carbon.

Of course, the peripheral entourage – a backup plane, cargo planes, helicopters, support staff, limousine, etc. – means the true amount of emissions created during the tour will be much greater.

Still, leftists are capable of telling hardworking Americans – with a straight face – that they will destroy the planet unless they agree to trade in their incandescent bulbs for more expensive and dangerous compact fluorescents.

Photo credit: SS&SS (Flickr)

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