You Won’t Believe What Facebook Did To This Fox News Reporter’s Pro-Bundy Post

Countless conservative Facebook users have complained the social media site limits their ability to post politically incorrect comments, even when such posts in no way violate stated rules. While the credibility of such allegations can easily be called into question by leftist naysayers, occasionally, high-profile accounts are subjected to the same censorship.

Such was apparently the case for author and Fox News personality Todd Starnes. In a recent report, he detailed his personal experience upon attempting to publish a post decrying the Bureau of Land Management’s behavior during the recent standoff on the Bundy Ranch.

He included the text of his post, which included no profanity, threats, or any other unacceptable language. Nevertheless, Starnes said Facebook administrators removed it.

“Rancher Bundy should’ve told the feds that those were Mexican cows – who came across the border illegally to seek better grazing opportunities. It was an act of love.”

The above post includes a jab at Republican Jeb Bush, who recently used “an act of love” to describe the motivation of many illegal immigrants. After attracting interaction from thousands of fellow Facebook users, Starnes wrote that he received a blunt message from the site regarding why the post was taken down.

“We removed something your page posted. We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.”

Understandably confused, Starnes tried to contact administrators and, as of his report, had yet to receive a response.

“I reached out to Facebook to find out which part of the message violated their standards,” he wrote. “Never heard back. I suspect I should’ve used the term ‘illegal alien cows.’”

Outrageously, he said this is just another in a long series of posts Facebook has deemed unworthy of publication. He said he has been “banished blocked and censored” for opinion on issues including “Chick-fil-A, God, the Bible, Paula Deen, Cracker Barrel rocking chairs, sweet tea, Jesus, the Gaither Vocal Band, the Gideons, the National Rifle Association, and June Bugs.”

Facebook apparently finds such topics objectionable, which Starnes admits is its right as a private company. Unfortunately, the same vigilance is demonstrably missing in dealing with truly disgusting content. A quick search of the site can produce a multitude of disturbing pages, including one page simply called “RapeVan.”

It’s most recent status update, by the way, is “RAPE RAPE RAPE.”

Facebook allows users to report content they find distasteful. Conservatives, who generally support the right to free speech even when they disagree with it, are obviously less likely to report other users than are notoriously intolerant leftist activists.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Todd Starnes

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