From Bunker Hill To Bunkerville – Americans Fight Back!

When the call arrived that Bureau Land Management (BLM) agents intended to begin a “Dynamic Raid” on the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nevada, I responded because of several responsibilities: I am an Oath Keeper, as well as a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association–and the presidents of both organizations asked for assistance. I also was responding to the call, as I coordinated the movement of several Arizona Legislators who, on their own and with their personal funds, made their way to the Bundy Ranch at Bunkerville. There were many citizens from across the western United States who also answered the call, and there were citizens and Oath Keepers and former military who came from the East Coast! U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona also arrived. Besides Arizona Legislators, legislators from four other western states also heeded the call to Bunkerville, Nevada. Two County Supervisors/Commissioners from Arizona went, as did a couple more from other states; a couple of former state legislators from western states, a land commissioner, along with state coordinators of several patriot and Tea Party groups, at least a half dozen pastors including Chuck Baldwin, a dozen or more long-time (100-years+) ranchers, and a goodly number of teenagers from various states…we all met in a dry, windy, dusty, and hot place named Bunkerville, Nevada.

What drove us all there…what possessed thousands of people from across the country to forge their way to this remote part of the west? The reason as I see it is rather simple and eloquent: FREEDOM RISING! The Freedom Movement for this generation began in earnest a week ago at the Bundy Ranch. The Freedom Movement answered the call to stand firm against tyranny by a centralized federal government our Forefathers feared could raise its diabolical head if not kept in check; and it has not been kept in check by WE THE PEOPLE, who are the true government of this exceptional Nation! Somehow, someway, WE THE PEOPLE became lazy and content being able to go to Starbucks and McDonald’s at will, and leave the governing to, well, government! The results are obvious to all who stood post at Bunkerville. The Federal Government of the United States has become mean spirited, vindictive, corrupt beyond belief, and vile in its hatred of free speech and citizens challenging its authority. The Federal Government of the United States has worked diligently to become all-powerful, all-knowing, all-dictatorial, and all-militarized against its own citizens who dare to question the decisions and behaviors by its agents and representatives. The Federal Government of our country has chosen a hidden agenda to be implemented that goes directly against the values and principles by which our country was founded, and directly against the good for the people.

In the days to come, I will share a number of issues associated with the fight at Bunkerville. I will share with you, as an eye-witness to history there, the rising up of the Freedom Movement by citizens of all walks of life and from many different regions in America, including the contingent now inbound to Bundy Ranch from Alaska. I will share with you stories like the prayers said prior to each public meeting, the multiple prayers openly said by citizens during various gatherings, and the prayers said by the cowboys, as a group, all sitting on their horses prior to rounding-up the cattle the BLM scattered and even left for dead. The prayers asked the Lord to forgive our Nation for squandering the blessings He has bestowed on us as a people, prayers seeking God’s counsel in righting the wrongs we have committed as a people, and prayers of forgiveness for running our own affairs of state without seeking the Lord’s purposes and wishes, for not seeking His counsel and wisdom.

The inconvenient truth about Bunkerville is that the Federal Government was caught and stopped by WE THE PEOPLE in a continuous land grab that has gone virtually unnoticed except to we living here in the west. The inconvenient truth about Bunkerville is that the people from various states in this Union stood, shoulder-to-shoulder, to stem the tide of an out-of-control centralized government that no longer cares about the welfare for those they are charged with protecting and representing – WE THE PEOPLE. Private property rights, State sovereignty, the inalienable rights of the citizen, and the care and protection of our God given resources mean absolutely nothing to the preponderant majority of elected officials, except during campaign season. Developing resumes and seeking power, public position and notoriety, money, and influence are the aphrodisiacs to which so very many elected officials succumb. And if their gain is at the expense of our freedoms, our rights, our safety, and our welfare, then their thinking is “something has to give for me to obtain that which I want.”

WE THE PEOPLE coming together and standing against tyranny and greed like our Forefathers did 239 years ago said, “NOT THIS TIME!” There are elected officials, sheriffs, and a militia of the people standing vigil at the Bundy Ranch for the next 3-months! We expect another incident provoked by the federal runaway government. The federal runaway government better expect WE THE PEOPLE!


LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is a Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist and private-sector Intelligence Analyst. He has provided Intelligence Briefings to selected members of the Arizona State Legislature on Border Security and related threats to State sovereignty since June 2010. He provides intelligence analysis to elected officials and law enforcement across the Nation.


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  • ItsJo

    What an Excellent article Mr. Rapacki and honest one, as we watch this “Obama Crooked Regime of Radicals/Communists/Progressives/Marxists make their arrogant agencies bully, threaten, lie and intimidate American citizens. Too bad we DON’T see them doing just that to the “Illegal Alien
    Invasions that are taking place on our borders, where Obama is Deliberately making “America a Dumping Ground”…and NOW, allowing prisoners he and his crooked A.G. Holder to be released into the general population, as they claim they are to be free as they comitted No Violent Crimes. I guess since Obama himself was a “Doper” he doesn’t see anything wrong with the Drug Users/Sellers which DOES KILL PEOPLE(as TWO of my own nephews) So this is “Obama’s Agenda of Bringing Down ‘Arrogant(his words)
    America, to a 3rd world status, where he/Michelle/His Radicals ALL the Elites, live like Kings and Queens on the Backs of working, tax-paying citizens that LOVE our Country…..Unlike Obama, & his Ilk.

    Again, wonderful, truthful article and “WE THE PEOPLE THANK YOU.”