Despite Attacks, This Is Why The NRA Matters… For You

In today’s increasingly leftist culture, few organizations have taken as much flak for merely existing as the National Rifle Association. As its CEO and executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre is often called on to defend the group against such warrantless attacks.

He did so Friday at the NRA’s annual meeting, explaining that there are countless Americans who favor the liberties promised in the Bill of Rights; however, there are fewer forums through which they can express those beliefs in the 21st century.

“NRA, this organization, is about giving a voice to all the people like all of us in this room today and everyone else in the country that feels like we do,” he explained.

In an environment increasingly dominated by government and other outside influences, he celebrated the fact that his organization proudly bucks that trend.

“I love it because corporations can’t control it, politicians can’t control it, the media can’t control it,” he said.

As activists continue their attack on the Second Amendment, LaPierre explained that more and more citizens are now realizing their other freedoms can face similar assaults.

“Gun rights,” he said, “where we are right now in this country, have become a metaphor for a feeling it’s kind of slipping away. It’s yearning for individual rights – the right to be safe, the right to be secure, the right to protect your family. The Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the right to live the way you choose.”

Patriots with these concerns, he noted, will be vital in determining the future of our nation. He said the next presidential election will have long-lasting implications that will outlive most of the organization’s current members. The NRA, he added, is a leader in shaping that future by standing for time-tested values that many modern leftists abhor.

He said that if America is to be saved, it will be through the efforts of people who can “put other things aside and say, ‘I’m gonna engage this fight every single day and you’re not going to back me down. I’m going to be in it, and by gosh, we’re gonna win it.”

LaPierre promised the NRA will continue to be one of those proud voices, concluded “this organization will stand there every day in a principled fight and defense of these freedoms.”

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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