Is Revival In America No Longer Possible?

Writing of the moral decline in the US has become almost a guarantee that my articles will be tucked away in the faith section, or used as filler during days of religious observances.

Noting the backward slide into every prurient, perverted, and libidinous behavior Americans can conger is largely treated like scolding and rebuke rather than a call to return to the faith of our fathers.

Perverse thinking and behaviors are not constrained to our sexual pursuits as recent headlines attest. The bar has been lowered or removed completely for some activities that in times past would have been unthinkable – how about these for example?

Veterans slam New York Times piece linking vets to hate groups

Obama Admin Will Consider Pardons for Thousands of Drug Offenders; Networks Ignore?

Harry Reid Calls Bundy Ranch Supporters ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Obamaland: Where Cowboys are Villains and Race-Baiters, Gay Radicals and Marxists are Heroes

Most news headlines do not include what goes on in the realms of churches and religion, but that too has become almost unbelievable. For the first time in our history, one African-based denomination has decided to send missionaries to the U.S. to help us pull out of our rapid decline.

In England, the Anglicans are being sued to force their church to recognize and perform gay marriages.

Who could have seen the day when the words of the beloved hymn ‘Faith of Our Fathers’, penned by famous Anglican minister and lyricist Frederick Faber, would serve to mock both the British and the Americans?


Faith of our fathers, we will strive

To win all nations unto Thee;

And through the truth that comes from God,

We all shall then be truly free.




Faith of our fathers, holy faith!

We will be true to thee till death

“Strive to win all nations to thee”? This idea is now replaced with the academically sanctioned dismissal of God, gay agenda indoctrination, and mealy mouthed churches raising the white flag of apostasy and condescension. But not all!

Bill O’Reilly shrugs off the plunge into the gay “marriage” battle as social inevitability due to the emergent acceptance of it into the fabric of our nation (and yet, he still dares to refer to himself as a “culture warrior.”)

Take a hint from your noble friends in the Wounded Warrior Project, Bill – real warriors never give in or give up!

Bill is typical of right wingers and conservatives who today value the vote and the popularity more than the future of the nation. To concede assures their future – it threatens ours more than they may ever know.

Actor Tommy Lee Jones is seen in a TV commercial asking the question – “Will your money outlive your retirement?” Then along comes William Devane urging us to secure our future by purchasing big silver and gold, with a nice safe to store it in if you will make a minimum purchase.

The best preachers and faithful voices of the gospel are gladly stepping up to announce that silver and gold will fail, and your money will not secure your future in today’s powder keg of worldwide unrest. Even those poorly equipped to handle eschatology (second coming doctrine) are  resounding the call to return – yes, to the faith of our fathers!

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