These Leftists Just Rewrote The Pledge Of Allegiance

When it comes to stripping any reference to God out of the public experience, leftist activists rarely let public sentiment or legal precedent stand in their way.

This troubling trend was on full display in a recent decision made by administrators at one Wisconsin high school. Despite the fact that polling shows 85 percent of Americans believe the term “under God,” added 60 years ago to America’s Pledge of Allegiance, should remain, students at Madison East High School are reportedly being prohibited from reciting the phrase during their morning recitation.

State law requires public school students in Wisconsin to say the pledge each day in class. According to one student’s account, however, Madison East did not begin complying with the law until last month.

According to junior Samantha Murphy, when the school finally started leading students in the pledge, it included a number of revisions. First, she said, the words “under God” were stripped, followed by the removal of the entire phrase “one nation under God.” Finally, she explained, school officials switched the word “God” for “peace.”

Reports indicate Madison school board members have been fighting against the pledge for more than a decade. As Fox News indicated just one month after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the state’s second-largest school district decided to ignore the existing state law, which led then-Gov. Scott McCallum to describe school board members behind the decision as “oddballs.”

At the time, the board indicated it believed teachers could technically comply with the law by playing the national anthem – without words – at the beginning of the school day.

Shortly after the decision, spokesperson Joe Quick conceded the district received nearly 20,000 emails and phone calls. Virtually all of the comments, he said, were made in opposition to the board’s decision. Nevertheless, Madison students are still being used as pawns in the leftist ploy to eradicate God – and, one could argue, patriotism – from the classroom.

The fact that educators and administrators are actively campaigning against such values in defiance of the law is further evidence that parents with traditional sensibilities must make sure those ethics are being instilled into the next generation at home.

Photo Credit: The U.S. National Archives (Creative Commons)

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