Media Censoring This Homegrown Muslim Terrorist Attack

In the last few weeks, two monsters have been arrested in Kansas City; and the media will make certain you don’t hear much about either one of them. First, there was the KKK Democrat who shot people because he thought they were Jews. He was so Democrat that he even ran for Congress as one. He was a Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan. The media wanted him to be an NRA Republican because they hold an unshakable belief that it was Republicans who ran the plantations in the South, and the Democrats went to war to free Black Americans. They are that stupid. Now they are both stupid and disappointed.

The second arrest–that must have had newsrooms gushing in delight–was one that ended a series of “random” shootings of people along the town’s freeways. Oh how they must have longed for the shooter to be a TEA Party movement leader, or at least a registered Republican. Alas, they must have realized that was a dead end when the suspect turned out to be an African American named Pedro Whitaker, who now goes by “Mohammed” Whitaker. “Can’t a Lefty catch a break?” they must have moaned in the hearts of the media’s fabrication centers.

Pedro, aka “Mohammed” Whitaker, a convert to Islam, was not swayed by any of the media’s “Religion of Peace” bilge. No, Pedro knew he hated Whitey and that the best place for him to be with other white Christian haters was at the local mosque. For about five weeks, Pedro Mohammed Whitaker drove along the freeways around Kansas City waiting for opportunities to kill people by shooting them.

Pedro’s father said, “To my knowledge, he’s never fired a gun.” This was the good news because he didn’t shoot well enough to kill anyone.

Somewhere along the line, Pedro willingly decided that serving his god meant shooting people who are not Muslims. Pedro guessed that white people probably aren’t Muslims, so he should shoot them.

You will never hear his name or the other guy’s name again. This just reminds us never to trust the liars in the media.

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