What Does This Secret Group Of Super-Wealthy Liberals Have In Store For America?

The Koch Brothers are all over the liberal media these days. The famous brothers are hated by liberals because the brothers’ deep pockets go to help fund a variety of right-wing causes.

However, are the Koch Brothers and their allies just a phenomenon of the right, whereas the liberal treasure chests are filled merely by humble commoners hoping to band together against right-wing big shots? Well, as most Western Journalism readers know, the answer is no. However, it is not just billionaire George Soros donating big money to help the radical feminists, environmentalists, and atheists fuel their agenda.

Instead, there is an entire organization of wealthy people that meets behind closed doors to determine the direction they want for America.  In fact, the Democracy Alliance, as it is called, will be holding its annual spring meeting this time in Obama’s hometown, good ol’ Chicago. The meeting will not be composed entirely of wealthy liberal donors, though. They will also be joined by union bigwigs and progressive stars such as Bill de Blasio. de Blasio will be delivering a keynote speech at the Ritz Carlton as the conference kicks off.

This conference is indeed secretive. Press are barred from the sessions, and participants are not allowed to discuss the proceedings.

The price to be a member of the club is a steep one.  Members have to pay $30,000 in annual dues and give at least $200,000 a year to recommended groups.

What do these recommended groups look like? They include various leftist groups such as Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, and Catalist.

Panels at the conference will focus on pushing various aspects of the leftist agenda, including income inequality, global warming, gun control, and abortion rights.

The conference looks to be moving leftward from its already liberal stances. A new leadership is replacing the Obama and Clinton loyalists who had been running the Democracy Alliance.  One reason this is important is that this club’s members could be important in determining whether Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton gets the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination. Erica Payne, who helped found the club and now leads a liberal nonprofit said the following:

I anticipate the Democracy Alliance becoming both more progressive and more aggressive (emphasis added) in the coming years. That will disturb centrist Democrats, but it will be healthy and productive for the country. They need to be challenged on these things.

So there it is. A “progressive” group filled with wealthy people, labor union officials, and progressive stars will be meeting this next week behind closed doors to discuss the direction they would like America to head.

Is this group really a “Democracy Alliance”  putting forth resistance against the corroding democracy in America? Or is this group meeting in secret to discuss how they can get this country under their grasp once and for all? Feel free to share your thoughts.


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