This Is How Bundy’s Legitimate Message Was Lost To Political Correctness

During the short time since embattled Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy uttered a less than tactful public message about the state of the majority of the black community, he has been instantly labeled as a “racist,” with little or no media time devoted to the core of his overall message.

That’s because he dared to use outdated words, such as Negro, that have become red flagged in our modern world of political correctness. It’s also because, in doing so, he compared the way of life of millions of black Americans on the public dole to the way of life of many of their ancestors under slavery in the South.

Several public speakers and commentators (both white and black) have made the same argument in recent years, with smooth presentations ripe with oratory skills. They’ve presented a compelling argument that a life of government dependence, among the black community or those of any race of Americans, is simply a new form of slavery.

These commentators have been welcomed onto conservative talk shows, such as Hannity, and have received a warm presentation and wholehearted agreement.

But Cliven Bundy is not a well-trained professional orator; he’s a 67-year-old Nevada cattle rancher who spoke honestly about his personal observations.

Sean Hannity, arguably the foremost conservative voice in media, had been Bundy’s chief advocate during the ongoing Federal BLM campaign against him.

That is, until he dared to utter words and phrases that the left love to attack as racist.

Now, Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, and others have quickly agreed with the raging liberal media that Bundy’s a shameful racist.

On a recent edition of his show, Hannity described his anger that Bundy’s comments “will be fuel for Democrats,” who have a long history of accusations of racism against foremost Republican figures while turning a blind eye to very real racism within their own party.

It seems though, that Hannity has handed over much more to the Democrats and leftists than has Cliven Bundy.

Hannity, and others, have handed them power. They’ve given the rules of the argument to the leftist propagandists and speech police of political correctness. In doing so, they’ve handed them the entire argument, all while the viewing public is being distracted away from the land control and other examples of the hungry abuse of power by the U.S. Government.

Although more information is sure to surface about this story, it seems unlikely that Cliven Bundy initiated a public forum conversation about the black community. It seems more likely that he was just the latest victim of a liberal hack “journalist” in the crowd leading him into a classic bait-and-switch trap.

Unfortunately, liberals and those they manage to intimidate know that using “forbidden” words and comparisons will draw fiery criticism (especially if the “guilty” offender happens to be white), so they are quick to condemn and join in the name-calling party themselves.

Bundy lacked the polished words of some; but it seems that we should be slower to make negative assumptions about the content of his character, simply based upon the choice of words in his recent statements.

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