This Video Shows Just How Much Some People Hate America

Here is the latest trailer for “America”, from Dinesh D’Souza, opening on July 4th. In it, Dinesh interviews some prominent individuals who call America everything from an Evil Empire to a symbol of oppression. If these interviews are any indication, this movie should be very thought provoking.

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2 comments to This Video Shows Just How Much Some People Hate America

  • wildbill446

    I hope Mr. D’Souza asked them “if that is the way they feel about Our Country, why do they continue to live here”

  • Helen Tritt

    I do not hate America except I am greatly embarrassed and very disappointed in how far down our country has gone. But just goes to show that in order for the US to recover our lost greatness, the “We The People” must be more INVOLVED IN OUR GOVERNMENT. Congress has shown that they will do whatever they want without maintaining RESPONSIBILITY TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS. They, along with other politicians cannot be TRUSTED TO THE EXTENT that we have been lead to believe. WE THE PEOPLE will have to take back OUR CONSTITUTION AND SEE THAT IT IS BEING OBEYED.