A Tale Of Two Democratic Donors

To the casual observer, it appears that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will be destroyed by the media because he is a bigot, a racist, and a despicable person. He is, of course, all of these things; but that’s not why he will be destroyed by the media. Consider the contrast between him and George Soros.

Soros has been convicted of a serious crime he committed in France and cannot set foot in Europe without facing extradition to Paris for immediate imprisonment.

Up to now, the media has covered for both of these men, primarily because they are Democrat donors. Although no amount of Democrat donations should be enough to keep a convicted felon wanted by an ally from being sent back, George Soros has no worries about being shipped back to France to start his prison stretch. He is a big Democrat donor.

Donald Sterling is a moron who has shown himself to be an enemy of minority people because of their race, but he has not been convicted of a crime. Nevertheless, he has been hounded out of the NBA – as he should be- by the same liberal media that never mentions Soros’ criminal record. He is a small time Democrat donor. That is the essential difference between these two examples of Democrat manhood.

The Sterling “gotcha” tape that is circulating through the media may actually be a fake. Listening to it puts to mind the dialogue of a daytime soap opera. It is stilted and virtually devoid of the genuine emotion that should accompany an “argument” between two lovers who are breaking up.  That is now beside the point.

The tape reveals that Sterling has a problem with his girlfriend bringing Magic Johnson – who is not only black but the AIDS-infected father of a gay son – to Clippers games. To be sure, this is an ugly thing. Johnson is a totally innocent person in this matter. His only “crime” in Sterling’s eyes is being black. This latest incident and Sterling’s track record as a bigoted landlord and bigoted team owner will be front page news for a while.

It is a good thing Democrat donor Sterling is as cheap as he is a creep because if he was a heavy donor like George Soros, the media would find a way to protect him.

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