Is The Media Building The Case For Gov. To Take Out Bundy Protestors?

The leftist assault on the Second Amendment was roaring prior to last month’s standoff between Bureau of Land Management agents and protesters at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nev.

In the aftermath of several mass shootings, each of which occurred within designated gun-free zones, many politicians and activists asserted that making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to attain a firearm would somehow keep everyone safer. Despite the obvious fallacy of their argument and inability to convince voters to support their mission, many on the left continued to harp on the supposed dangers of gun ownership.

When hundreds of armed militia members converged near the Bundy Ranch in opposition of the BLM’s use of excessive force, many Americans enthusiastically supported the principled display. For many gun-grabbing leftists, however, the ordeal provided an opportunity to once again rail against a populace capable of defending itself.

Nevada State Rep. Steven Horsford led the charge by complaining to Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie that his constituents were ostensibly terrified by the presence of militia members in the area. Without citing any specific evidence, he alleged that the protesters were harassing citizens by enforcing armed checkpoints throughout the community.

His contention was all some activists within the leftist media needed to jump on the anti-militia bandwagon.

In a post on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch” blog, David Neiwert cited Horsford’s complaints, concluding that locals are being systematically targeted by militia members.

He concluded “that the circus surrounding the standoff and the militias’ refusal to leave is not only disrupting their normally quite lives, it is costing them money.”

Even the blog that declares it is “Keeping an Eye on the Radical Right” had to admit, however, that news crews were unable to find any of these elusive checkpoints despite specific efforts to locate them.

Timothy Johnson of the far-left insinuated that prominent conservative voices were the driving force behind the decision of militia members to make the trip to Bunkerville.

“Despite numerous media reports of Bundy supporters pointing guns at federal law enforcement,” he wrote, “they were still lauded by the same conservative media that had hyped Bundy into a modern-day right-wing folk hero.”

Johnson likewise relied on Horsford’s allegations, including his assertion that locals are living “under the persistent watch of an armed militia.”

The Second Amendment not only guarantees Americans – specifically militiamen – the right to bear arms; it was written by patriots rightfully wary of an authoritarian government. Well more than two centuries later, members of the radical left seem determined to prevent modern patriots from fending off today’s tyrants.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Ohio Militia

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