Did Obama Just Need Bill Clinton’s Help To Strike Down Voter Fraud?

On Tuesday, Bill Clinton was able to help perpetuate Democrat voter fraud through a ruling from Federal Judge Lynn Adelman. Adelman, who has been a Democrat State Senator, was lauded by the American Civil Liberties Union for his ruling, which is based on tortured logic. In making his decision, Adelman indicated that he didn’t see a Democrat voter fraud problem in Wisconsin; therefore, there was no need for a law against it. By taking this position, this sleazy fake jurist ruled that Wisconsin could not act proactively to prevent a crime that, in his view, only happens elsewhere (if at all.)

In essence, he said that the growing instances of Democrat voter fraud around the country are not enough proof that Democrats in a Democrat–infected state like Wisconsin will commit voter fraud.

In a desperate attempt to convince minority voters that they live in a country that hates them because they want to allow them to vote only once, an ACLU spokesperson said “We are very pleased that the judge recognized what we believe we showed at trial, which is that Wisconsin’s voter ID law did have a discriminatory effect on African-American and Latino voters.”

Fortunately, the damage Adelman has so cavalierly inflicted on the state of Wisconsin and the American jurist prudence system can be repaired by Republican Governor Scott Walker, who has expressed his intention to hold a special legislative session to address the damage that he anticipated when this case fell into the hands of a hack like Adelman. A Walker spokeswoman made the governor’s position clear by reiterating that he “….believes the law is ‘constitutional and will ultimately be upheld.’”

In carrying out his betrayal of the Constitution, Adelman noted that the state of Wisconsin had no rationale for mandating voter ID requirements. And he had the chutzpa to say “Because virtually no voter impersonation occurs in Wisconsin and it is exceedingly unlikely that voter impersonation will become a problem in Wisconsin in the foreseeable future, this particular state interest has very little weight.”

Adelman included a try at comedy in his ruling by noting that one would have to be “insane” to commit voter fraud because the “penalties are so stiff and the potential gain so small.”

In 2000, the state of Wisconsin went to Al Gore by something around 5700 votes. Post-election investigations proved that Milwaukee hobos who were hired by Democrats to vote for Gore multiple times did so for a pack of cigarettes.  At that time, a Wisconsin State Senator said, “We call it smokes for votes.”  That Senator was Scott Walker.

Adelman must think that Walker doesn’t remember that outrage.

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  • wildbill446

    I wonder how much was the Judge was paid? he is obviously on the Demo payroll. Anything crooked thing to get votes.