The True Effects Of ObamaCare Revealed!

Conservatives have known from the start that the true purposes of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are: 1.) the eventual implementation of single payer; and 2.) extortion of “acceptable” behavior on the part of the American people in return for life giving medical care. And the deliberately catastrophic shortcomings created by the authors of ObamaCare have put this fraudulent healthcare scheme right on track to accomplish both.

That the Affordable Care Act has little to do with providing healthcare–affordable or otherwise–could not be more obvious. If the intent of politicians was to provide access to medical care for America’s 30 million uninsured, why not do so in the simplest, most straightforward manner? Why manufacture a 2,700 page law (700 pages of law, over 2 thousand of regulation) that will literally cost trillions more than the amount claimed by the law’s only proponents–Democrats? Why, as Democrats, encourage a political disaster in 2010 when it could have been avoided simply by passing honest legislation? And why create the potential for an even greater electoral disaster in 2014 as voters have at last seen or personally experienced the medical and financial calamity of a law that was written, touted, and passed ONLY by Democrats?

Although Barack Obama has illegally ignored or delayed the rollout of portions of the Affordable Care Act in order to hide a number of its most destructive provisions from voters, countless Americans have discovered that, not only will they not be permitted to keep their longtime physicians; few of the doctors who remain are willing to treat them! So intent were the authors of ObamaCare to keep policies “affordable” that doctors face a payment rate for their services that will not even cover the expense of treating the ObamaCare patient.

In addition to the nationwide shortage of doctors who will treat ObamaCare policy holders, the ACA has also caused a growing number of hospitals to flatly refuse treatment of ObamaCare patients as well. The reason? “The Affordable Care Act created a 90-day grace period before insurers can drop policy holders who fall behind on premiums. So, delinquents who obtain tax-subsidized health insurance through an Obamacare health insurance exchange have three months to settle up their bills prior to their policy being canceled.” As insurers are unlikely to reimburse providers for services rendered to policy holders who have not paid their premiums, hospitals risk losing thousands–or tens of thousands– for each operation.

So why suffer the wrath of doctors, voters, healthcare workers, and insurers? Power, of course. A desperate public will eventually call on government–the very creators of the problems–to fix them. Politicians will claim that only single payer can be trusted to provide fair and equitable treatment at a reasonable price. Step one of the ObamaCare scheme.

And in order to keep care affordable, the government will regulate everything Americans wish to eat, drink, drive, or do. If you own a firearm, it will be declared an unnecessary health risk given the number of accidents, for example. So either dispose of it, or lose healthcare coverage. Such tyranny will extend to everything Americans touch, all of course in the name of fairness and the greater good.

Such unlimited power in the future is worth the loss of a few Democrat seats in Congress today, isn’t it?!

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  • wildbill446

    thus is the Liberal agenda, and Obama is their leader. It’s all about taking the USA to it’s knees, and bringing us back to the “depression years” where no one had a job much less anything to eat. And they call it Progress!