Breaking News: The IRS Will Now Be Able To Seize Individual’s Personal Information Through ObamaCare

Recent reports indicate the Internal Revenue Service, already embroiled in a scandal regarding its unfair targeting of conservative groups, is set to begin collecting even more personal data about American citizens.

According to the IRS, agents will use information entered through ObamaCare exchanges to compile profiles of enrolled Americans under the pretense of determining which individuals qualify for assistance.

“This tax credit can make purchasing health insurance coverage more affordable for people with moderate incomes,” the agency explained this week.

IRS officials are reportedly crafting a rule to take effect later this year granting them access to the name, address, personal identification numbers, insurance premium, insurance provider, and insurance policy number of those enrolled in the healthcare system.

While the tax collecting agency claims the information will be used to help Americans pay for their insurance, skeptics see the possibility of corruption.

Critics have expressed trepidation about entering personal information online through the healthcare exchange, especially given the inauspicious implementation of the website.

Earlier this year, Republican legislators supported a number of laws creating some accountability from the Obama administration in protecting citizens’ data.

With the IRS privy to such sensitive information, many conservatives feel the likelihood for misuse will only increase. Nevertheless, the agency is reportedly sticking to its plan to publish the latest rule later this week.

As Americans continue to be corralled into a government-mandated healthcare plan, it will be even more difficult to protect personal data.

Even if some enrollees’ information is used to help them qualify for tax rebates or credits, the possibility exists that the same facts could likewise be used to punish others.

Unfortunately, an IRS that has admitted to engaging in retributive enforcement based on personal politics has left itself open to such concerns.

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