Former U.S. Prosecutor Lays Out The Case For Obama Impeachment

A brand new book promises to incite even more debate regarding whether Obama could – or should – face impeachment for any of the various scandals and alleged cover-ups that have plagued his presidency.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy’s “Faithless Execution,” which is set to hit bookstores next month, has already begun to attract media attention – especially among the largely sympathetic forces behind conservative alternative outlets.

According to recent reports, McCarthy offers a number of reasons he claims impeachment would be a justifiable pursuit against Obama.

His “rampant lawlessness represents a systematic threat to our constitutional order,” McCarthy writes, noting that the threat is “so egregious it requires action.”

More specifically, he cites the implementation of ObamaCare as one key aspect of a potential impeachment effort.

McCarthy asserts that Obama committed “fraud on the American people” when he “deliberately misled” voters regarding his healthcare intentions.

Furthermore, Obama’s response to the botched gun-walking operation that armed Mexican criminals is another scandal the author believes rises to the threshold of potential impeachment proceedings.

According to McCarthy, Obama engaged in “systematic politicization of a Department of Justice that has covered up the Fast & Furious scandal.”

A third issue, which is now garnering some added attention with the appointment of a U.S. House select committee dedicated to its investigation, is the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

McCarthy described the “grossly inadequate security” provided by the Obama administration at the embassy as a “dereliction of duty as commander in chief,” offering yet another potential avenue through which prosecutors could move to impeach him.

The idea of removing Obama from office has been a consistent refrain among his political detractors. Whether the quest is feasible or not, McCarthy’s forthcoming book promises to deliver a coherent case for the entity willing to pursue it.

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