WATCH: Bunkerville Residents Unite Around The Bundys And The Militia

As Western Journalism reported earlier this week, the armed protesters who remain in Clark County, Nev. following last month’s standoff with federal Bureau of Land Management agents are increasingly being targeted by Democrat politicians and mainstream media outlets.

Despite the largely unsubstantiated rumors currently being spread regarding threatening activity by the militia members, plenty of locals are glad to have the added support.

During a recent town hall meeting in Bunkerville, residents and leaders primarily expressed praise for the visiting protesters who were instrumental in the BLM’s ultimate decision to back down from their show of excessive force at the Bundy Ranch.

“I want to tell every one of them militia thank you,” one resident said. “Because not one of our government officials, not one of our sheriffs or Metro[politian Police Department] would have saved us that day. They didn’t save us that day.”

Councilman Duane Magoon criticized media for misrepresenting the facts in their reports.

“I heard things said down there,” he said, “and then when it came out on the air it was a completely different animal.”

Another council member agreed, urging reporters to tell “the whole truth” and chastising those who “spin things to get your ratings.”

According to one attendee, a call to local authorities for protection during the BLM standoff was effectively ignored.

“[T]heir exact words to me were ‘It’s the BLM and Cliven Bundy’s problem,’” the speaker recalled, wondering “if Metro doesn’t have the guts to come out and protect us, what are you here for? What are we paying you guys for?”

Town hall attendees offered no evidence of the inappropriate actions described by opponents of the militia’s presence. Instead, most agreed the protesters were doing the job authorities refused to do.

A council member explained that, if local law enforcement officers had been performing their duties, the militia would have been unneeded.

“I’m really disappointed in our sheriff for not being out here to protect the citizens who are out here,” he said.

In the end, most who were gathered agreed that the federal government represented the only real threat to civility.

“It’s insane and a way (sic) overreach of their power,” one local said of the BLM’s incursion. “They should be held accountable.”

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