White House Issues Threat To Global Warming Opponents

As he has proven with healthcare, amnesty, and plenty of other issues, Barack Obama is fully prepared to rule by fiat decree when he feels opposition to a particular policy might hinder his efforts. According to White House advisor John Podesta, the issue of global warming is yet another topic about which Obama is determined to force his will onto the American populace.

Speaking to reporters this week, Podesta asserted that critics of proposed regulations designed to fight climate change are facing an immovable force in the Obama administration.

“They may try, but there are no takers at this end of Pennsylania Avenue,” he said of global warming skeptics and those who believe added restrictions would only further hinder the nation’s struggling economy.

Despite the fact that legislators in both parties have described Obama’s stance on the issue as too radical, the administration is apparently sticking to its guns.

Efforts to effectively shut down any new coal-burning plants before they can be built have earned Obama widespread scorn – especially from leaders whose states depend on the natural resource.

Last year, Democrat West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin expressed his disgust with the dichotomous tone the federal government has taken regarding coal.

“They just beat the living daylights out of little West Virginia,” he said to Roy Binz, then Obama’s pick to lead the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee; “but they sure like what we produce. We could do it a lot better if we had a government working with us as a partner.”

Manchin ultimately sided with the GOP to vote against Binz during the nomination process, expressing his concern that the nominee’s environmental ideology would take precedence over the benefits of coal production.

Coal is hardly the only focus of Obama’s climate initiative, however; and realists on both sides of the aisle continue to fight what they see as destructive policy proposals.

Whether Podesta is accurate in his allegation that such criticism is futile remains to be seen. In any case, it is vital for dissenting voices to be heard on this issue.

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  • stevor

    Pretty much like Stalin issuing threats about those who oppose communism (which in this case is Agenda 21-type communism)