To These People, It’s Now Racist To Wave A Flag

A public school district in California remains resolute in its prohibition of any displays of American flags on May 5 out of fear the mere sight of the symbol will lead to a violent outbreak among Mexican students.

The move comes four years after Live Oak High School first instituted the ban and months after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the school’s right to impose such restrictions. This year, however, protesters are on the scene to expose the absurdity of banning the symbol of freedom on U.S. soil.

Dozens of patriotic Americans reportedly lined the street near the school in support of liberty.

“We’re just here to support the First Amendment’s right to free speech,” one protester said. “Cinco de Mayo is a circumstance of the issue. The issue is free speech.”

Georgine Scott-Codiga, herself half Mexican, said opponents of the American flag are misusing the issue of race to limit the freedom of others.

While some Mexicans claim the show of American pride by other students somehow limits their own ability to embrace their national heritage, it is clear many in the community do not subscribe to that skewed mentality.

A Romanian immigrant, Mihai Bulea proudly stood alongside the protesters, expressing his admiration of American freedom and disappointment with the current situation at the school.

“There should never be a day in America when a citizen is told he cannot wear a shirt with the American flag,” he maintained.

Unfortunately, a number of Twitter users took to social media in a campaign to sully the reputation of protesters.

Of course, those who see the absurdity in calling Americans racist for embracing the flag were quick to strike back in defense of the protesters.

Photo credit: Ben and Rachel Apps (Flickr)

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  • wildbill446

    There should be a big sign saying “welcome to the United States of Mexico”
    Pretty soon it will be considered Racist “to say your an American”
    Well I’m still proud to be an American so I guess I’m also a racist. I served ten years in the “Racist ” U.S. Navy. Does that make me a racist militant?