The “Dirty Job” Mike Rowe Missed

Mike Rowe, the star of “Dirty Jobs” (the long running series on the Discovery Channel”, sought out and performed a huge variety of jobs that actually got his hands – and the rest of him – dirty. He showed what others do every day to keep the country running with plenty of food, fiber, and mobility.

Mike was seen on a dairy farm shoveling cow manure, inside an Air Force transport plane fuel tank, in factories and farms cleaning out sumps, and in slaughter houses dealing with offal, crawling into places that a claustrophobic (not homophobic) like me would panic in. I only saw him really scared once – but he did the chore anyway.

Mike found a way to put his delightful, clean-cut guy personality to work in a profitable manner. His underlying goal was to demonstrate to the rest of us what it takes to keep our farms, factories, and cities running – and introduce us to the people who step up to the plate to get the job done day after day so the rest of us can buy our food and clothing, flush our toilets, and forget about it.

Today, Mike is putting his experience to work, showing us that a truly diverse society requires truly diverse gifts, talents, and opportunities to keep things humming. Back in the 1970’s, when the same elitists were panicking over a global freeze, someone got the bright idea that ours was going to become an “Information Society” – thriving on virtual bullcrap, letting other lesser peoples in third world countries do the dirty work of making things for us while we all became college graduates.

Every nation has a population full of potential to discover and apply individual gifts and talents. Most of the world’s population lives under despots or conditions where it is impossible for those talents to be discovered, much less developed and put to use for the good of all. We were doing a pretty good job of teaching American methodologies so others could grow until greed enticed all too many companies to pick up entire factories and move them to cheap labor and lax safety and environmental requirements.

The elitists – mostly in Academia – were really big on every kid going to college–and every dirty job being left to someone else far, far away (even motherhood.) My son was in college when his wife became pregnant; so naturally, she went to the university health center. The knot head nurse said, “You’re not going to keep “IT” are you?” “IT” is 25 years old, a college graduate, and still looking for a well-paying job. Where have the jobs and the developed skills to support them gone? Go figure!

Academia was once the home of broad discourse and the building of young minds as they discover themselves and eternal truths, and seek ways to maximize their potential. Young people almost universally seek ways to do a real service to family, community, and the world in general while prospering personally. Fox example, the Scientific Method was born at the Cathedral School at Chartres in the 12th Century.

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