Indiana Learns The Hard Way What The Feds Will Do To You If You Reject Common Core

Western Journalism has reported extensively about the lengths to which leftists will go in protecting the federal educational guidelines included in the oft-maligned Common Core program. Nevertheless, public backlash, primarily from concerned parents, has led many states to reconsider their alignment with the curriculum.

One such state is Indiana, which decided to drop Common Core from its public school system last month. As a result, recent reports indicate the state’s superintendent of public instruction received a stern letter from the U.S. Department of Education. The correspondence reads, in part:

IDOE (Indiana Department of Education) met ED (Department of Education) requirements in its approved ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act/[No Child Left Behind]) flexibility request through the 2013-14 school year by adopting and implementing standards common to a significant number of States. Because the IDOE will no longer implement those standards, IDOE must amend its ESEA flexibility request and provide evidence that its new standards are certified by a State network of IHEs (Institutions of Higher Education) that students who meet the standards will not need remedial coursework at the postsecondary level.

Basically, Indiana educators are being told they are losing waivers given to states that adopt Common Core, which allow them to forego some of the demands included in the No Child Left Behind Act. Even though the state, upon dropping the federal mandate, initiated a plan to develop its own educational guidelines, D.C. bureaucrats are using strong-arm tactics to impose a homogenous curriculum on all students.

While the 10th Amendment seems to clearly state that state or local governments should be in charge of handling education, the establishment of the DOE has incrementally increased federal control over the nation’s schools. With the implementation of Common Core, it now seems that individual states have little say over what lessons the next generation will receive.

This prospect is even more chilling when one considers the blatant leftist propaganda that is being regularly exposed from within the pages of Common Core lesson plans.

Indiana, as it turns out, boasted state education standards that led the nation prior to the coerced adoption of Common Core. Now that the state has decided to forego the federally mandated program, the DOE claims it is somehow substandard.

As a result, the state board has a two-month timeline to provide evidence that its program complies with what federal authorities deem appropriate.

In the end, conservative skeptics appear to have been vindicated. What was initially sold as a state-initiated program has devolved into yet another exhibition of federal control.

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  • major

    Every policy by the socialists, common corp, Obamacare, etc is about setting of legal hooks to undermine States Rights and individual rights. I say to the States refuse to obey these mandates and stand together against the Feds. The Bundy incident shows they don’t have the nerve to start a civil war with State and Local law enforcement. The military will refuse to back Obamas play because of their oath of office and love of America. Its time for a showdown before these Democrat nutbags try some extreme false flag event to attempt martial law.

  • Barbara E. Taylor

    SEIG HEIL – or however it’s spelled! Didn’t the Nazi’s have something very like that?