Gang-Raped Woman Faces Additional Punishment Under Shariah Law?!

A young woman who was gang raped by eight Muslim men who accused her of extramarital sex may be publicly caned. Extramarital sex is a serious legal offense under the Islamic Shariah law code, a version of which is practiced in the strongly Muslim Indonesian province of Aceh.

The 25 year old woman, a widow, was raped by the eight men after being found with a married man in her own house. The eight men also beat the man, doused the pair in sewage, and handed them over to Islamic police.

The head of Shariah law in the district, Ibrahim Latief,  said his office has recommended that the man and the widow be publicly caned nine times.

The two were about to have sex at the time- still, Latief insisted that they violated Shariah by merely being alone  in the same room together. He also said they had admitted having sex earlier.

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation, with 240 million people. Most of the nation follows secular law; but the province of Aceh, where the incident occurred, follows a version of Shariah.

Three of the eight men who committed the rape have been captured by police, and they too may face caning. The criminal charge of rape carries a maximum of fifteen years.

Photo credit: Jarek Jarosz (Flickr)

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