Inspiring: Governor’s Commencement Speech Reveals His “Most Important Moment”

Ahead of his planned graduation speech to graduating seniors at Liberty University, published an exclusive sneak peek at Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s prepared remarks.

The common theme is one that many politicians pay lip service to but often fail to publicly explore in a deep and meaningful way: his Christian faith.

In his speech, Jindal recounted a Christmas present he received from a friend as a child. It was a Bible, he explained; and he considered that first step in his faith journey to be “the most significant thing that has ever happened” to him.

He then recalled an event years later when a girl he was interested in asked him to join her at church.

“Here I was, looking for a date,” Jindal wrote, “and meanwhile, she was looking to save my soul.”

At this point, he was already interested in Christ’s message; however, he wrote that he was “skeptical” and “wasn’t sure how my parents would respond.”

As with many Christians, a series of steps led to his ultimate salvation and, as a public figure, he said he continues to proudly proclaim the central role his faith plays in his life.

“I used to think that I had found God, but I believe it is more accurate to say that He found me,” Jindal wrote.

As a candidate, he said he was expected to prepare a response for a common question: “What is the single most important moment in your life.”

The pragmatic answer, he explained, would be an “appeal to female voters” through the story of his marriage proposal or a touching account of the birth of his first child.

“And yes, those were great moments,” he explained.

“But instead, I decided to do something new in politics. I told the audience the truth – that the most significant moment of my life was when I turned it over to Jesus Christ and acknowledged Him as my Savior.”

Although some argue that logic and reason are antithetical to faith, Jindal celebrates the role of education and the pursuit of knowledge in bringing him closer to Christ.

“There is a general view among many of the elites in America that truly enlightened folks realize that all this faith and religious stuff is just quaint and antiquated thinking from an earlier era. Or that it is a nice restful place for those who are not as bright or intellectually curious as they are.

“Again, nothing could be further from the truth. True intellectual curiosity will inevitably lead to an understanding of the Creator.”

Jindal’s name is often spoken among prominent Republicans with a shot at replacing Barack Obama in the White House. Along with other potential candidates, including former Arkansas Gov. and Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee, it is possible that faith could take a front seat in the 2016 election cycle.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bobby Jindal

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