School Tells Anti-God Professor To Shove It

As students at East Carolina University prepare for graduation, Assistant Chemistry Professor Eli Hvastkovs gave his class a final assignment. Students were asked to prepare an approximately 35-word statement that could reference their future plans or express gratitude toward someone important to them.

In an email clarifying the assignment, however, Hvastkovs included a conspicuous prohibition.

“You can’t thank God,” he wrote. “I’m sorry about this – and I don’t want to have to outline the reasons why.”

As it turns out, he might have been reticent to explain himself because no adequate explanation exists.

Campus Reform interviewed the teacher, who defended his decision but acknowledged it was not rooted in school policy.

Maintaining the event is “not a religious ceremony,” he conceded the ban on God was “more of a departmental thing” because “we have a diverse student body.”

Instead of celebrating that diversity, however, he chose to forcibly weed out opinions he did not want included in the project.

In response, ECU’s executive director of communication issued a complete refutation of Hvastkovs’ prohibition.

Mary Schulken explained that the “First Amendment allows [students] to thank God, to thank any force or any individual that they so desire.”

Provost Marilyn Sheerer took the opposition a step further, emailing Hvastkovs’ students with her response.

“Religious references of any type will not be restricted,” she explained, noting ECU’s only limitations on speech will be enforced “as permitted by applicable First Amendment law.”

While it is perhaps encouraging that, once the professor’s discriminatory assignment gained attention that the school acted to remedy the situation, this situation is emblematic of a much deeper issue within today’s largely leftist institutes of higher education.

Traditional parents continue to fork out huge sums of money to send their kids to these schools that, in turn, do their best to reverse the moral guidelines instilled in them throughout their childhood.

Photo Credit: Facebook/East Carolina University

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