Obama, Do You Even Care About National Security?

Most Americans know the history of the twentieth century.  The “Dough Boys” came to the rescue twice to save Western Europe from the German onslaught.  The first fifty years of the 1900s were a horrible time of total, global warfare in which entire countries were geared up for the effort.  The rest of the century was gobbled up by the Cold War in which two superpowers threatened each other with Mutual Assured Destruction due to nuclear weapons. Besides the proxy conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, the rest of the world was forgotten.  The struggle between the East and West, or communism and capitalism, took all the air out of the global room.

Against this backdrop and the spectre of a resurgent Russian Empire, our Dear Leader talks of hitting singles and playing small ball in foreign policy.  As Russian President Putin takes bite after bite of sovereign nations, the sorority girls in the State Department send out hashtags. Why is this?  It’s because President Obama does not care about Europe. His worldview does not include Europe in any significant way.  He can play small ball because in his view, “Russia is a regional power threatening its neighbors.”  If you think about it, this is a truly unbelieveable statement.  The fact is Russia is the largest geographical country in the world.  They have 8500 nuclear weapons, more than any other country.  They have a thousand year history of imperialism, swallowing up entire nations in their path.  They used to own Alaska and northern California.  Either the Obama administration is completely ignorant of Russian and European history, or they just don’t care.  I think it’s probably both.

It is not enough to say there is no plan to deal with Russia.  Of course, Obama has no plan because Europe is not important to him or his minions.  The worldview of an anti-American individual fits much better with the third world nations of the globe than it does in Europe, where even most America haters recognize America’s contribution to the peace and stability of Europe over the last one hundred years.  No, it goes much deeper than not having a plan.  They say if you don’t care about something or someone, you ignore them.  They just don’t matter to you.  Europe just doesn’t matter to President Obama and the State Department.  That is why we haven’t seen tougher sanctions.  That is why we haven’t seen leadership from this president on the issue.  That is why he doesn’t take Putin seriously.  Because to him, a white Russian leader is just not something that interests him.

If you take this theory even further, an argument can be made that the national security of the United States of America just doesn’t matter to President Obama.  To him and his associates, it’s all about getting as much as you can get before the lights go out on America.  Take from the rich and give to the poor.  Take from the economy and give to the environmentalist extremists.  Have NASA become a Muslim outreach organization.  Take resources from the U.S. military and give them away in food stamps.

The absence of love is apathy.  The Obama administration doesn’t love this country.  It doesn’t love our history.  And at the end of the day, Putin will get what he wants because Obama just doesn’t care about Europe.

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