Two More Reminders Liberals Are Bottom-Feeding Lowlifes

Unions will extort disabled people; will support Boko Haram.

Unions and liberals make our world a little less livable every time they get a chance. Here are two stories that remind us of the depths these people will sink to in order to have their way.

In Michigan, the Service Employees Internal Union (SEIU) has recently seen an 80% decrease in its membership, which was triggered as much by its own greed as the terrible economy Barack Obama has given us.

In 2006, the Michigan SEIU was successful in their drive to forcibly unionize family members of disabled people living–and being cared for–in their own homes. Disguised as “dues,” the parents and guardians of severely disabled children were forced to pay a 2.75% extortion fee to the SEIU on every dollar of government–provided support money for the home care and feeding of the least able people in Michigan.

The SEIU was able to do this because Michigan’s Democrat–controlled state government passed the necessary legislation to facilitate this extortion. The Democrats were only too happy to help these lowlifes steal from families with disabled children because they were getting a kickback in the form of campaign contributions.

Nevertheless, karma has a way of evening things out. In 2012, in no small measure because of the public revolution over these thefts, Republicans regained control of Michigan’s government–and the theft was stopped. In total, the SEIU stole some $34 million from the weakest of the weak to give to Democrats.

Once compulsory SEIU membership for those caring for loved ones at home was outlawed, the bottom dropped out of the SEIU cash register. Since then, four of five “members” quit.

Now that the animals in Boko Haram have been exposed for what they are, some research on who has supported them has revealed another example of why liberals are bottom feeding skunks.

While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the liberal weenies at urged her to ignore the demands of Congress to designate Boko Haram as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).” Even though MoveOn acknowledged these animals have committed vicious crimes against innocent people (they regularly kill Christians, which obviously doesn’t count for much to MoveOn), they pleaded with Hillary not to call the Boko Haram an FTO.

Their plea on behalf of terrorists included the argument that calling Boko Haram an FTO goes counter to the opinion of “more than 20 of the top U.S. scholars on Nigeria.”

MoveOn lied, Hillary listened, and thousands of people have died. The Boko Haram animals have kidnapped almost 300 Christian Nigerian schoolgirls who are facing a future of sex slavery or death. All of these loathsome creatures deserve each other, but we don’t.

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