Could Detroit Become America’s First Chinese City?

Now that Detroit has been sucked dry by Democrat criminality and union greed, the Chinese are eager to become America’s new wave of “homesteaders.”

As Detroit continues to crumble and disappear in its current form, a “Chinese Phoenix” may be rising out of the ashes. Chinese buyers are scooping up dilapidated homes throughout the once great Motor City in hopes of turning the town into a “little Beijing.”

The question here becomes: How is this happening? The governor of Michigan, Republican Rick Snyder, has already made a formal request to Obama’s Homeland Security for 50,000 special immigration visas to accommodate the expected wave of Chinese settlers who will rebuild Detroit. These special visas will be given to professionals who agree to live and work in Detroit. We have done this before.

During the 19th century, we opened territories such as Oklahoma and made specific overtures to Germans’ will to populate North Dakota–and even changed the name of its largest city to “Bismarck” to attract them.

Because the Democrats and unions are no longer interested in Detroit, this bold step could only be taken by a Republican. Governor Snyder is doing whatever he has to, including looking overseas to Asia for help in saving the Motor City. He is making his pitch to employers who will invest at least $500,000 and employ at least ten workers in Detroit.

A bottom line businessman before entering politics, Snyder knows the “gone forever” auto manufacturing industry can no longer be looked to for a way to turn Detroit around.

Once Detroit hit rock bottom and became the largest America city to announce it was bankrupt, wealthy Chinese businessmen started viewing the city as a rare opportunity to become a part of the American economy, one they believe in enough to pour their fortunes into. They are buying properties in the Motor City sight unseen because they are seeing the potential returns they will enjoy from a revitalized Detroit.

Realtors representing Detroit property owners desparate to escape the city’s continuing collapse are regularly receiving calls from Chinese buyers saying “I’m serious—I wanna buy 100, 200 properties…We don’t need to see them. Just pick the good ones.”

Great things can still happen in America when we push Democrats and unions out of the way. Those looking at us from overseas seem to have more faith in America than many people here – what a sad state of affairs Democrats and unions have brought about.

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