Obama Just Let More Than 36,000 Dangerous Criminals Go Free

Barack Obama’s permissive view on illegal immigration has already earned him the scorn of millions who believe our laws should be enforced. The latest move by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, however, has resulted in an even wider backlash against the administration.

According to a recent report by the Center for Immigration Studies, ICE released more than 36,000 illegal immigrants currently incarcerated for other crimes as they awaited the resolution of deportation proceedings. Unbelievably, a huge portion of these now free individuals were convicted of the most heinous crimes imaginable.

Nearly 200 were found guilty of homicide, 426 were convicted of sexual assault, and kidnapping charges were upheld against more than 300. Other, more common charges include aggravated assault, vehicle theft, drug possession, intoxicated driving, and flight escape.

In all, the 36,007 released criminals represented about 88,000 total convictions.

Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Studies Jessica Vaughan explained the “shocking” report illustrates a disturbing aspect of the Obama administration.

“This information is sure to raise concerns that, despite professions of a focus on removal of criminal aliens, Obama administration policies frequently have allowed political considerations to trump public safety factors,” she explained. “And, as a result, aliens with serious criminal convictions have been allowed to return to the streets instead of being removed to their home countries.”

Though the released criminals are expected to return for their deportation hearings, Vaughan noted that fewer than one in four typically do so.

“The departments of Homeland Security and Justice should be asked to disclose how many of these criminal aliens became fugitives after their release from ICE custody,” she suggested.

For the federal government’s part, ICE released a statement indicating that the majority of homicide convicts released were pursuant to mandatory release requirements; however, the agency admitted that about 25 percent of the most dangerous criminals were freed based on law enforcement discretion.

“What possible justification could there be for freeing a murderer who is being deported?” Vaughan asked.

While Obama has made it clear that he wants to grant legal status to criminal residents in the U.S., his administration is taking that policy to disturbing new heights by making sure communities around the nation are flooded by the most dangerous among them.

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