New York Just Officially Drove Away Another Conservative Radio Host

Following the lead of his most recognized colleagues, media icon Sean Hannity confirmed this week that he is leaving New York.

Years after Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck announced their severance of ties with the Empire State, Hannity has hinted in recent months that he was also planning his exit strategy.

“As soon as I am able, some time when my son graduates from high school, I’m getting out of here as quick as I can,” he said in January.

He confirmed his move during his interview of Sen. Marco Rubio Wednesday.

“You’re soon going to be my senator,” he told the Florida Republican.

“Is that final?” Rubio responded.

Hannity elaborated that his primary residence will be in Florida, though he will also spend time in another state considered friendly to conservatives.

“I’m going to Florida, and I’m going to get a little Texas ranch,” he concluded. “I’ve decided I’m leaving New York when my kid graduates high school.”

Rubio expressed approval upon learning of his state’s impending new resident.

“Well, that’s a great choice,” he said. “We’re glad to have you in Florida.”

The two states in which Hannity plans to spend his time – Florida and Texas – are also the primary home states of Limbaugh and Beck, respectively.

In addition to the high taxes and heavy regulations that abound in New York, Hannity cited the unwelcoming attitude Gov. Andrew Cuomo expressed toward those on the political right as the impetus behind his decision.

The host’s Long Island home was reportedly placed on the market for $3.6 million in February. As for his new residence in Florida, Hannity confirmed he currently owns a “little place in Naples,” though he noted his wife would likely insist on a bigger place for the family’s primary dwelling.

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