Palin’s AR-15 Tweet Sends Leftists Into A Frenzy…

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has grown accustomed to serving as a lightning rod for perpetually outraged leftists. Virtually anything she says or does is castigated by those who hate the fact that she embraces the conservative principles that led to America’s greatness.

Combining her already reviled status among left-wing radicals and an unabashed endorsement of gun ownership resulted in a renewed outpouring of hate among a number of social media users this week.

As a way to promote her new Sportsman Channel program, “Amazing American with Sarah Palin,” she posted an attention-grabbing tweet about the one rifle that seems to irritate gun-grabbers more than any other: the AR-15.

The response from opponents was swift and severe. While some of the responses contained profanity Western Journalism declines to repost here, the following offers a few examples of the rhetoric used against her.

Of course, the conservative icon is no stranger to such personal attacks based on her deeply held values. Though any criticism of females by conservatives is deemed by the mainstream media as part of a phantom ‘war on women,’ there are conspicuously few willing to defend Palin against a relentless leftist onslaught.

If anything, though, the ongoing assault seems to only make her appeal among supporters even stronger. To be sure, Palin’s supposedly offensive tweet received plenty of approval by those who recognize her contribution to the conservative movement – and the importance of a robust right to bear arms.

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