Why Eric Holder Could Be The Reason You Can’t Get A Job

What separates a great nation from a banana republic?  The answer is simple; it’s the rule of law.  It is the notion that the leader of a country is not above the law but subject to it like everyone else.  If you travel to many seedy parts of the world, this concept is not the case.  The law of the land in these jurisdictions is whatever the dear leader says it is. No one in government is ever held accountable, unless you upset the dear leader.  This situation leads to corruption throughout all levels of society, from the policeman to the ministers and members of the legislature.  It reduces economic activity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.  This is why societies like China, Russia, and other dictatorial regimes do not have tsunamis of creatively destructive ideas as in the West.  They simply copy the innovations of other nations.  America is losing the rule of law and will suffer the political and economic consequences.  In fact, one could make the case that we are already feeling these consequences.

It doesn’t take much digging to find examples of our government flouting the rule of law.  We have an administration that will not enforce immigration law for political reasons.  We have the attorney general of these United States telling state attorneys’ general that they can ignore laws that have been passed by their legislatures.  We have a president who selectively enforces and changes law on a whim.  We have an attorney general who will not investigate voter intimidation, federal agencies that intimidate individual citizens and opposition groups, or anything that would bring discredit upon people and ideas he agrees with.  My friends, in America, we have corruption, pure and simple.

What is even more striking is the absence of a serious media outcry against this tyranny.  This is because the mainstream media is knee deep in corruption as well.  In the past, the media acted as a counterforce against a corrupt government.  Reporters sniffed out evidence of wrongdoing and exposed it as they believed that was good for the country.  This no longer is the case.

What is worse than a compliant media is the refusal of the opposition party to take legal and constitutional action against this corruption.  Refusal to act is the same as acquiescence.  The Republican Party, and Congress in general, has not stood up to this president.  He breaks the law at will and is not held accountable.

People wonder why our economy is suffering and unemployment is high.  People who voted for Obama wonder why they can’t find a job.  It is because in the absence of the rule of law, business hesitates.  They don’t hire or build new plants. They play it safe.  Taking risks in this environment can lead to disaster for a business as the dear leader can make or break you at will.  He is above the law.  It’s the same way in Russia.  Their economy suffers greatly from corruption.  Business cannot effectively operate unless you are a friend of the establishment.  America is headed in this direction.

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