I Am Launching The Liberty Church Project

For many months now, I have been making preparations for this moment. Hundreds of man-hours have gone into the planning of this project. Now, I am ready.

Over the past couple of years, hundreds of people from across the country have pleaded with me to help them start new independent, unorganized, unincorporated, non-501c3 churches and Christian fellowships. It has become painfully obvious to many patriotic believers that the vast majority of establishment 501c3 churches and pastors have made a deliberate decision to NOT engage the liberty fight. For the most part, these pastors and churches have been completely muzzled by State incorporation and the 501c3 government tax-status. And, sadly, these pastors and churches have absolutely no desire to change. They are cemented in lethargy and indifference. Meanwhile, our nation is spiraling downward toward certain destruction–and the biggest reason for this calamitous situation is the absence of patriot-pulpits.

But it is more than a tax-status: it is a mindset, a philosophy, and a vision. Hundreds of thousands of Christians across America are panting for a pastor and church that will boldly teach and preach the Biblical Natural Law principles of liberty. They want a pastor and church that do not seem to be more loyal to a political party than they are to the principles of truth. They want a pastor who will name names from the pulpit. They desire a place where they can engage in fellowship with freedom-minded believers. They are tired of being outcasts and renegades among these establishment government institutions called churches. They are weary of being called “kooks” because they refuse to go along with the bread and circus provided by the mainstream media and political establishments. They are disgusted with “program-driven” churches. In their gut, they know that the Bible teaches the principles of self-defense, the right to be armed, private property, the separation of powers, jurisdictional authority, limited government, the rights of man, etc.; and they want a pastor and church that understands these Biblical truths and will plainly teach them. Frankly, they want a patriot-pastor and a liberty church.

Enter The Liberty Church Project.

Back in January 2011, my family and I started Liberty Fellowship here in Kalispell, Montana. This fellowship is an unorganized, unaffiliated, independent, unincorporated, non-501c3 church. I preach the Biblical Natural Law principles of liberty. I am not afraid to address political issues or even to endorse or repudiate political issues and candidates. Hundreds of people from the local area worship with us each Sunday afternoon (we assemble at 2pm Mountain Time); and some drive extremely long distances to fellowship with us. Plus, untold numbers of people across the country worship with us via our livestream broadcasts and online archived messages.

You can watch our Sunday afternoon service live or watch our online archived messages here.

Our fellowship has also provided people across the country with a fresh enthusiasm to start liberty churches in their own communities. The requests to help start such fellowships have been multitudinous. I have been praying about this matter for over a year. I’ve asked God to show me what to do. Liberty Church Project (LCP) is the answer to that prayer.

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