Is The GOP Deliberately Paving The Way For Major 2016 Loss?

There are people who believe Elvis is alive, and there are those who insist that the phases of the moon affect human conduct. Then there are those who believe kowtowing to Hispanics will bring Republicans victory in 2016.

The fact that many people believe these things doesn’t make them true. While the first two are harmless fairy tales believed by supermarket tabloid readers, the third is a dangerous lie believed by far too many decision-makers in the Republican leadership.

Like the first two, the supposed connection between capturing the Hispanic vote and insuring victory for Republicans cannot be defeated with evidence that contradicts it.

Even in the face of a mathematical formula showing Mitt Romney could have won 70% of Hispanic votes and still lost, the GOPe will not give up the fairy tale they believe.

Now, “just” 18 months before the next presidential election the Republican hierarchy is beginning to show signs it is getting ready to double down on their belief that the Hispanic vote is essential–and that amnesty is the way to win Latino votes. They are clinging to their stupidity as dearly as the liberals cling to “man-made” climate change.

Both are peddling lies, but the Democrats will gain from their lies; and the Republicans will go down in flames by clinging to their lie.

By their continued worship of the man-made climate change lie, the liberals will receive millions of dollars in donations from rich liberals who believe their money can change a problem that doesn’t exist. Money in quantities that large is the basis of winning campaigns, so that lie is a very useful one for Democrats.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are getting ready to inflict a fatal wound on themselves and our hopes for the future.

To further their Hispanic vote lie, the GOPe is currently taking another look at Florida Senator Marco Rubio because he is Hispanic. They are touting his “comeback” without mentioning that he needs a “comeback” precisely because of his kowtowing to Hispanics on amnesty. They apparently think that conservatives should forget about how Rubio supported amnesty and now embrace him and amnesty. They are fooling themselves because in clinging to a lie that is built on amnesty for illegals, they will drive conservatives away.

How supposedly patriotic Americans who purportedly want to win in 2016 can consider Marco Rubio as their candidate shows the deep level of contempt the GOPe has for its own base.

Republican “decision–makers” are preparing the way for the next Democrat president by believing their own lies.

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